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How to Get the Chic Comfort Look

By Fatima N.

Winter has returned, along with the struggle of staying cozy while at the same time looking put together. One without the other just isn't going to cut it. Here are seven pieces that assure the everyday chic comfort look.

1) Blanket Scarves

Scarves have the amazing ability of transforming an outfit. In the winter, it also helps you stay warm. The monogrammed Burberry one would be nice, but there are many alternatives. Bunch it around your neck or wear it like a blanket.

Club Fashionista girl Amra B. in a blanket scarf

2) Cardigans

Cardigans are my favorite article of clothing. They are so effortless and easy to style.


3) Maxi Skirt

Tis the season for holiday parties. Rather then exhaust your pile of body cons and other above the knee cocktail dresses, pair a sweater with a maxi skirt. You'll be the most elegant one in the room and probably the most toasty.

4) Robe

Ok, you can't wear your robe outside, but here's the next best thing, a wrap coat! Its basically the more structured, appropriate-to-wear-outside bathrobe.

5) Trench

This one is simple. Any thing you want under (I prefer black on black) and the trench coat on top.

6) Sweater

Head to toe knits were the main part of the Olsen twin's high-end line The Row. I don't think I would/could ever pull this off but I am all for the sweater part of it.

7) Striped Top

This is the piece you can wear under or with all of the above, the coats, the knits, the scarves and the maxi skirt. The black and white striped tee is a style staple.

Many brands and lines, like the The Row by the Olsen twins, have turned to basics and have fused them with comfort and style. There you have it fashionistas, the top essential pieces for your chic and comfortable wardrobe! For more on how to style the everyday chic-look, click here. Xo!


Unknown said...

Nice edits. I just got a blanket scarf, and it is the softest thing ever. But I don't see coats in your list:)

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Shpherd John said...

I love this articles as it is crystal clear and easy to understand.

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