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Faux Fur Vest

By Amra B. 

A faux fur vest has been staple piece since the seventies, but it was Sienna Miller and Rachel Zoe who made them popular again with fashionistas today. They are practical, chic, warm, and easy to combine with almost everything. Below are some tips on how to wear a faux fur vest: 

  • Layer it with a thin jacket or a sweater: keep the bulk away by pairing your faux fur vest with a thin jacket or a sweater. 

  • Dress it up with a skirt: I love wearing a long sleeve dress or a skirt underneath my faux fur vest. I like to balance out the casual feel of the vest with a dress and some high heels. 

  • Add a pair of skinny jeans: for a perfect weekend look, add a pair of ripped skinny jeans and sneakers. I also love to wear bell-bottoms with my faux fur vest for a total seventies-boho-chic look. 
Faux fur vest with skinny jeans 

  • Make it vegan: all my fur vests are made of faux fur and I am a big advocate of wearing animal friendly brands. Did you know that 4 million animals die EACH year because of their fur? We might not be able to change the minds of everyone, but we can start with ourselves and not contribute to the slaughter of these innocent creatures. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Wearing: Zara faux fur vest, Sandro dress, H&M jacket, Burberry belt, Stella McCartney shoes, and Bally purse


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I'm kissing you Amra


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