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Who We Are:

Club Fashionista was started by two sisters, Amra (George Mason economist) and Elma (Georgetown attorney). We wanted share with the world our beauty secrets, fashion know-hows and globe-trotting adventures. 

We were born in Bosnia and raised all over the world, literally: Finland, France, Belgium, England, Spain and Germany. Now, we reside in New York City.

Most importantly, we are united by our belief that every woman deserves to be the best version of herself. Therefore, we have decided to share the latest DIY beauty, fashion, travel, interior design, fitness and food advice. Our blog is all about bringing to you authentic home-made do-it-yourself tips that will make you feel better anytime of the day or night. 

We hope you will join us on our adventures as we bring to your homes the latest in fashion, makeup, hair, home, food and fitness. Our goal is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself even on the days when you do not feel creative, pretty or skinny enough!

Currently, we report from London, New York City, Paris, Cannes, Rome, Madrid, Zurich, Rio de Janeiro, Washington D.C., Miami, Bogota, Zagreb, and Sarajevo and write in 7 different languages, including French, English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. 

Club Fashionista Readership

For blogging inquiries, collaborations or fan mail, drop us a line at We love hearing from you!

So, Come & Meet Us! 

Amra Beganovic
Founder and CEO
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Elma Beganovic
Co-Founder and COO
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Unknown said...

love you guy! Keep up the good work

Maja said...

I adore Club Fashionista

Unknown said...

Club Fashionista is the BEST

Jess said...

I wake up and go to bed with Club Fashionista! Love all your posts and style!

Anonymous said...

Helllo CF! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have been reading Club Fashionista for almost a year and I am always positively surprised by your articles. You manage to keep things fresh, exciting, interesting and relevant.

Unknown said...

Why dont you have anyone from RUSSIA?

Anonymous said...

So which one of you ladies is single?

Sala said...

What is this

Elske said...

Congrats my dear Lara for being Guest blogger :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great work girls, bests from Zagreb :)

Unknown said...

NAdam se da govorimo istim jezikom kako god se on zvao,divan vam je IG profil za sada sam samo njega videla..Nadam se da cemo se lepo druziti i uzajamno lajkovati..divne ste a da turska kafa uvek :D
whit love
diary of a ginger girl

Neds said...

Sestre su hit:)

Neds said...

Sestre su hit:)

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