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We are in Australia: Introducing Sammy Jade!

By Jessica Miller

We are in Australia! Club Fashionista has been fast expanding globally, and now we are in the far Pacific. We spotted a fashion blogger Sammy Jade, who not only has an amazing sense of style but who also writes splendidly. 

With millions of fashion bloggers around the world, we sat down to find out what drives each and every one of us (or them) to write and keep us up to date with their whereabouts and latest outfits. Here was our conversation:

Club Fashionista ("CF"): When did you become passionate about fashion and start to follow the latest trends?

Sammy Jade (Australian Correspondent): Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in fashion, and my costly shoe addiction started very early on. While other kids were being given Barbies and sweets from their parents, all I wanted were shoes. 

Australian Correspondent: Sammy Jade
I think I started consciously following trends when I started earning enough money to be able to buy my own clothes (although my mum did a pretty good job until then, I must admit.). I was then always interested in what was in stores and what I saw on everyone else, and over the years I have learnt to experiment in my own way with the different fashions available. 

Throughout my childhood, I changed my desired career path a million and one times; I went from a ballerina and dance teacher, to a primary school teacher, to a veterinarian, to a plastic surgeon (yes, you read that correctly!), to a designer, back to vet and teacher and then back to a designer again. I always found myself leaning towards a career in fashion, but it wasn't until I started exploring my avenues that I realised that while being a designer may be amazing, it isn't the only opportunity the industry provided (and my patience for the intricate details would be very tested otherwise!). 

And so years later, here I am. I feel so blessed to have found my niche so quickly, and I am more passionate about fashion and the industry than ever. 

CF: What led you to start your own blog?

Sammy Jade: I think I decided to launch a blog through a mixture of variables; it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really learnt my forte in writing, and so after graduating and beginning a diploma in fashion business, as well as a media degree, where we were encouraged in both courses to pursue a blog, that I really considered it. 

My fashion college teachers emphasised the importance of an online presence in order to benefit yourself in any future career within the industry- little did I know it would create the start of my career! 

I loved the idea of being able to combine my two passions in life; writing and fashion, into one, and thus the birth of my love child; How To Run In Stilettos ( 

CF: What has been the most rewarding part of creating your personal fashion blog?

Sammy Jade: Ever since I launched my blog in 2012, I have received so many more opportunities than I ever could have imagined in such a short time. I never would have thought the amount of doors it would open for me, and the incredible amount of such positive and encouraging people that I would meet along the way who share the same amount of passion for the industry that I do. 

It has allowed me a new space to express my creativity in my own way, which has given me the skills to grow as a fashion writer, which I am loving more and more each day.

Thank you for your time Sammy, and thank you for sharing your personal story. We cannot wait to read more of your style picks and see your amazing outfits!

Fashionistas, there you have it: what drives us bloggers to provide you with wonderful and genuine reading materials? One word: passion! Below, you will find some of Sammy's photos! 


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I live in Australia. So glad you have someone from here.:)

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I am from Australia too! Awsome to have someone from Aussie land

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Sammy Jade.... so well written and a real beauty.Cant wait for your next piece.

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How gorgeous is our Sammy Jade! Well done Sammy

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