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Exotic Travel Destinations: Lagoons in Miami

By Elma B.

Lagoons in Miami 

One of the natural wonders of Miami are its lagoons. We found a dreamlike spot, where chunky-dark-gray rocks stand side by side with the ocean, caramel sand and green grass. Our location? Mattheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables, which is one of my favorite destinations in Miami because it feels like you are hours and hours away from the noise and chaos of South Beach. A lot of families come to Mattheson Hammock Park and on Sunday evenings it is fairly empty if you would like some privacy or picture perfect scenery. 

Outfit Dissected 

Clothes: Forever XXI dress. Shoes: Zara sandals with black cuffs. Accessories: sunglasses: Dolce & Gabanna; Swarowski necklace and snake ring; and Louis Vuitton speedy. Makeup: as always, Lancome. 

With love from Miami! 

Until next time…XOXO. 


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

pretty dress! I love this color! I think salmon color is so flattering on brunettes

Unknown said...

no strappy sandals on the beach

Unknown said...

sexy legs

Unknown said...

i love those strappy sandals


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