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Top 7 Winter Hairstyles

By Fatima N.

Top 7 Winter Hairstyles

In a styling slump? Here are top 7 winter hairstyle ideas, enough to get you through the week.

1) Side Swept 

I've seen this so many times on the Fall/Winter 2014 runways. It's as simple as changing your hair part. This hairstyle looks great on square shaped faces.

2) Sixties

This look is all about volume. I have three words. Bigger. Is. Better. Spray that hair down a little more then usual because of the winter wind.

3) Waves

Soft, polished waves looks great under winter essentials like beanies.

4) Accessorize

This is a no-brainer. Headbands, feathers, head scarves or simpler accessories like beanies can change your winter hairstyle.

If you're A) out of hairspray, B) like/need to wear your hair up or C) go for the more low maintenance option, these casual do's are for you:

5) Buns

It seems that the hairstylists from the runway got their inspiration from the people rather then the other way around. Many of the models were sporting their hair in buns, for example Diane Von Furtenburg's runway show.

6) Ponytail

The runway had many variations on the ponytail last season. Valentino and Chanel were among them, as well as Victoria Beckham. I think the ponytail is the little black dress of the hairstyle world, because you could dress it up or down.The elegant Kate Middleton was seen sporting one on her New York City trip.

7) Braids

Messy braids, braided updos, French braids, side swept bangs, bangs with ribbons; you name it, they braided it. I am in love with how Honor incorporated a scarf into their braids.

For easy and quick hair hairstyles for the girl-on-the-go, click here. There you have it fashionistas, these are the top 7 winter hairstyles! Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment, love hearing from you! Until next time, xo!

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Anonymous said...

The side sweep--softest, most unstructured, soft.....feminine.


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