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Nurturing Your Core--Beauty from Within

By Elma B.

Much of the outside is a mere reflection of what is on the inside. For this precise reason, I am a strong advocate of taking ardent care of your inner core. Your inner core consists of your basic beliefs and attitude about life. It is what sets your daily routine, e.g., sleep-in for an extra hour or get-up and go to that early morning spin class, or eat a banana in the morning or much on those doughnuts. Here is what to change for a healthier mind, body and spirit...

Your Daily Routine--Make a Decision 


Body & Health

It is those underlying beliefs that reflect on what is on the outside. If you are overweight and flabby, chances are you don't have strong beliefs about what you consume on a daily basis nor do you have the strong will to make it to the gym everyday. I have personally made the decision to be very picky about what I consume on a daily basis and to be adamant about making it to the gym everyday. I still have ways to go until figuring out the exercise routine and the diet that works best for me; read here about my confessions on body image


Nurture your mind. There is a constant stream of thoughts rushing through our head; it is that inner banter that is filled with excitement, anxiety and fear. Take time out each day to calm your mind. I would suggest meditation, here's why. Even if you are not a fan of meditation per se, pause everyday to take a long and deep breath.  Calm your thoughts and reach for peace and comfort. 


Your looks too are a reflection of your beliefs. Take care of your skin. Make sure to wash your face with a scrub appropriate for your skin type every night before going to sleep. Take care to wear face creams appropriate for you skin type. Lastly, do not forget to wear sun block everyday on your face, even in the winter. 

The beauty is that everything starts with you, your decisions. I strongly suggest to take care of your core--mind, body and spirit, and the rest will naturally fall into its place. You will get there, exactly you are supposed to be. Until next time, stay fresh and beautiful, xoxo from New York! 

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