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How to Make Them Fall in Love: 6 Steps

Lindsey M.K.

Why Playing Hard to Get Works:

I knew how to play hard to get since kindergarden: I would steal a boy's toy, sometimes even aggressively, and run away. They would always run after me; sure, I had their toy with me, but even after I returned their toy, the boys would be curious about me. If they returned to play with me, I would look uninterested, and the less interested I was, the more they wanted to play. 

Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

In my adult life, I don't exactly steal toys, but I do believe I spark the curiosity of the opposite sex in quite a similar way. I never let people feel like they entirely have me; mystery keeps the passion and love last longer and stay strong. I suppose that poker players could teach us a lot about having (and retainig) a successful relationship; don't let them see your cards, "bluffing" is great, and confidence throws people off. 

There is something innate in our nature about wanting what we cannot have. If you think about all the things you have acquired in your life, you will notice that they meant a lot less to you once you had them. For instance, I remember dreaming about a particular Louis Vuitton purse as a teenager, just so I could let it collect dust in my closet after my parents had acquired it for my birthday. The same, unfortunately, goes for people. We are so at awe with someone until they become our boyfriend/girlfriend but then things change (especially after the "honeymoon phase"). As they become a part of our everyday life, we (or they) sometimes loose interest. 

Six steps on How to Win Someone's Heart (and Keep It):

1. After meeting someone and having an amazing conversation for couple of days (even hours) "disappear" for 7 days. Don't call, text, email or let them know you are "alive." Don't post more than one or two messages on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People will think you had just rejected them, and rejecting someone hurts their ego. There is nothing that will get you noticed faster than when your hurt someone's ego. Now that you have their attention, you may choose (wisely) how to approach that relationship.

2. Stay mysterious! Once they ask you about the "past 7 days you went missing," answer them as vaguely as possible. I suggest to say something along the lines of "I had to think about some things and needed a little time off." If the person requests a further explanation, just insist that you can't get into it right now and that you might let them know about it later. 

3. If they call you, don't answer! Always let the call go into your voicemail! Call them back a day or two later. Even then, make sure you keep the conversation to the bare minimum (max. 5 minutes). Just say that you can't talk right now, but will see them over coffee. 

4. Once you go out, check your phone every 10-15 minutes briefly. At one point, while you are checking your phone, smile. It will have them thinking there is someone else in the picture. If they ask about your "mysterious smile", say "oh, it is nothing" and switch the topic. 

5. If they ask you to get into a relationship, tell them you need time. NEVER seem eager to be around them. Tell them that you want to make sure that this is right before you let them into your life. AND, by all means, TAKE YOUR SWEET TIME! Take months to decide whether you want the relationship, the more time the person waits for you, the MORE that person will appreciate you! 

6. Always randomly text the person to keep yourself in his or her mind. End the texting conversation after a few texts, and always start the text conversation with a new topic!

Let the games begin! 


Anonymous said...

As a Man, I so not think that this is good advice to Women. I understand that I do not have a Woman's viewpoint, but in a Man's view these suggestions will tell me that a she is not interested. Number 4 is a huge "Don't". Sure Women use number 4 to keep up the hard to get act, but imagine a guy doing that to you while out on a date. Maybe I don't see it the way Women do, but this hard to get game was tried on me before. Let's just say that she plays games with someone else who is a bit more desperate.

-Mr. Articulate

AK said...

As a woman, I find these so-called tips are so silly.I think that playing hard to get is a game that's not going to land you a long-term commitment. It's immature and perhaps fun when you're 15 years old and without a drivers license i.e. a kid. I personally feel that one should be welcoming and open, but have strong boundaries.You shouldn't throw yourself into a relationship before you really know a guy. Take it slow for YOU, not to snag HIM. Quit obsessing about how you'll "land" a man, quit playing games, get a hobby, and focus on bettering yourself through various outlets - that don't come in the form of pseudo Cosmo advice.

AK said...

Correction: I find these so-called tips so silly.

Unknown said...

As a woman I know that this works sooooooo good. No matter how hard men try to make us think that they love nice kind women they will always be desperately in love with the one who's hard to get. And each time I told to myself let's try and be nice I was treated by the man like shit. Now that I learnt from my faults and that I have more experience I definitely know without any doubt that men want to hunt and if you're easy to catch they are not interested anymore. So ladies whatever they say don't say yes to all they say and have your standards veeery high!!!!

Rocket said...

It has nothing to do with hard to get or noy, it's just you and your destiny, you can't play with love, it happens or it doesn't but ther's nothing you can do about.


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