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French Riviera Travel Tips

By Elma B. 

For two years now, I have been coming to St. Tropez and its surrounding areas, i.e. Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Grimaud and Cogolin, for summer vacation. 

St. Tropez Panorama by Me
The area is very charming: filled with history, beaches, and summer parties. In another words, there is something for people of all ages. St. Tropez has its charm: a fisher's village that gained international fame after the modern icon Brigitte Bardot. 

The the Image of the Iconic Brigitte Bardot
is Almost Everywhere in St. Tropez
Me at the Center of St. Tropez 

Travel tips for Traveling to French Riviera: 

1. Transportation: Make sure to rent a car as the public transportation is not readily available. A car will help you maneuver easily from one destination to another. 

Roadside View

2. Lodging: Pick private accommodations. You will have much more space and quality for the same price. 

3. Shopping: Do not shop in St. Tropez. The same product, e.g., perfume and make-up, will be much more expensive here than at a city like Nice or Cannes. 

Traditional French Sweets in St. Tropez

What to Wear in the French Riviera?

Almost anything goes. The French Riviera is fairly liberal in terms of dressing, e.g., there many topless sunbathers in beaches around St. Tropez.  At nighttime in St. Tropez, many like to dress-up and go over the top. At the same time, there are families casually dressed who just like to take a stroll around St. Tropez and soak in the ambiance. 

My Daytime Look...

Below,  I opted for a boho look with my own touch: color--my lipstick, scarf, and satchel. Boho looks are are usually about Earth tones.  Below, I am wearing a long black skirt, which ruffled on the top and sheer on the bottom. On the top, a simple bikini top in pink. For my accessories, I opted for plain black flip flops, a colorful satchel, and a pink-silk- floral- print scarf. 

Here is my complete look and photos of some of my favorite parts of St. Tropez. Until next time, xoxo.

Charming Architecture in St. Tropez

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