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How to Choose a Wedding Dress

By Fernanda Souto
Edited by Elma B.

Many girls dream of princess weddings, a handsome knight arriving to rescue you on his white horse. Ok, so this may not exactly mimic the reality but why not have your fairy tale almost come true? Currently, I am residing on the British Virgin Islands, and I have witnessed too many picture perfect weddings here, so I wanted to provide you with some tips on how to choose a wedding dress and how to pick your dream wedding destination... 

Where to Wed--Dream Destinations: 

Imagine yourself in your white wedding gown on the beach with your sun kissed skin. Perhaps, my judgment may be a bit clouded since I practically feel like a local here but my personal favorite wedding destination is definitely the British Virgin Islands! 

Famous for its sunset and beaches, the stunning and naturally picturesque British Virgin Islands are filled with some of the most alluring and romantic settings. Say "I do" to an intimate seaside wedding at one of our beaches...

Why the British Virgin Islands?

The magic of the British Virgin Islands tops the list of premier wedding and honeymoon destinations; in fact, it has been the ideal choice for some of the world's most famous people.
To be married on The British Virgin Islands means your marriage license includes the phrase, "On Her Majesty's Service." This is so exciting! Marriages here are recognized all over the world, and marriage on the island of Tortola requires taking care of a few legal matters, but it's certainly worth the experience. Without further ado, here are my suggestions on how to choose a wedding dress...

How to Choose a Wedding Dress: 

1. Be simple yet elegant. Haven't you heard "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" (said Coco Chanel)? Basic and simple can be very beautiful. Tip: make sure to pick out one amazing detail that will stand out, e.g., a flower crown or a a deep cut back on your gown. 

Club Fashionista Girl: Amra B.
2. Opt for a boho-chic look. To stay as close to the nature (the beach, the palm trees, and the ocean), opt for a natural look. Tip: add a flower crown or another boho accessory to your hair. Do not wear loads of hairspray, let your locks loose. 

3. Don't wear shoes. Again, to blend in with the natural setting, drop the stilettos (or any other kind of shoes), and let your feet feel the soft sand beneath them. 

4. Stay very light on the makeup. Stay away from caking on makeup. Go with earth colors (on lips and eyes) to blend in with the beach setting. Makeup tip: to get the summer skin glow, follow these steps

5. Must tailor your dress. Perhaps this goes without saying but make sure your dress is perfectly fitted for you, i.e., not too loose and definitely not too tight. Style tip: always err on having the dress looser (one size up) than tighter because you will end up looking slimmer in a dress that is a bit oversized. 

There you have it fashionistas, my tips on a perfect wedding destination and my 5 tips on how to choose a wedding dress. If you have some recommendations, please leave your comment below. We love hearing from you! 

In Portuguese:

Por Fernanda Souto

Fale “Eu aceito”

Visualize e imagine-se em seu vestido de casamento nas Ilhas Virgens Britânicas!
Olá Fashionistas,
O Pôr do sol, as praias, as deslumbrantes e naturalmente pitorescas Ilhas Virgens Britânicas estão preenchidas com algumas das paisagens mais sedutoras e românticas. Diga "sim" em um casamento íntimo à beira-mar  em uma de nossas praias.

A magia das ilhas encabeça a lista de destinos para casamento e  lua de mel e tem sido a escolha ideal para algumas pessoas famosas do mundo.
Casar-se nas Ilhas Virgens Britânicas significa que a sua licença de casamento inclui a frase: "Ao Serviço de Sua Majestade." Isto é tão excitante! Os casamentos aqui são reconhecidas em todo o mundo e na ilha de Tortola requer cuidados com algumas questões legais, mas certamente vale a pena a experiência.

A escolha do vestido de casamento perfeito precisa ser divertida, por isso, siga algumas dicas:

Seja simples, mas elegante.

Escolha um belo vestido e flores naturais.

Não use sapatos ... Lembre-se, você está na praia!

Seja feliz! Vejo você em breve!

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