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The Hottest Fashion Trends-- Blogger Style

By Brittany Dobbins 

I’m sure all of you fashionistas are wondering what are some of the top fashion trends bloggers are wearing and talking about. Well, I’ll be the first one to give you the scoop! 

These are four of the most popular fashion trends straight from the streets from around the globe! These fashion trends have been spotted on countless of young women and girls.  These trends are show-stoppers and will make you say: “Whoa! Where did you get that outfit?” I think each outfit has its own secret, something that fashionistas and bloggers only know. 

Let’s start, shall we...

The Hottest Trends--Blogger Style: 

Fashion is on the streets...

1. Crop-top. 

The ever-so sexy crop top has made its way into the fashion world with a bang! The crop top does wonders for you, I know because I have a whole collection of them in my closet…literally! Crop tops are huge fashion trends right now. They make you look hot and the men drool. Who doesn’t like showing off their physique? 

With that said, not many girls are comfortable with that idea but it does help you feel more in sync with your body. Confidence is always key in wearing a revealing outfit. For tips on how to pull-off the crop-top, click here

You have to own it and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear a crop top! Crop tops could also be worn for any occasion. You can pair it with vintage denim shorts from H&M or maybe some camouflage capri's and your favorite strappy sandals from DSW. Make sure you wear a crop top that fits and is comfortable. You can wear it in any style: with floral prints or a leopard print crop top to give your outfit some sass. 

2. Jumpsuit.

The glam jumpsuit is a fabulous outfit; I have seen countless of bloggers sporting this look. I think the glam jumpsuit is perfect for summer, especially for going out to a party,  a glamorous event,  a date with your boyfriend or even for a casual stroll around the city! You can pair it with some funky jewelry (statement necklaces) and Louboutin heels, a perfect ensemble! As a fashion blogger, I love to wear jumpsuits because they are really comfortable, and I want to feel like I could go into a room full of people without being worried or nervous about what I look like. 

Bloggers Sporting Jumpsuits: From Casual to Dress-Up 

3. Maxi Dress.

The maxi dress has also made a buzz in the fashion world.  I really love the idea of wearing a long dress that isn't too revealing but shows just a little bit of skin. H&M and Forever 21 have the best maxi dresses, I own at least four of them! The length is perfect; you can wear it out to dinner with your friends or maybe a beach party. The floral print maxi dresses are my favorite because they are unique and fun! 

Also, you want to add some color. A pop of color never hurts! Maxi dresses usually come in many different styles, knee-length or floor length, it depends on what you like. Pick any color, print or length you want. My style advice: make sure you get a maxi dress that shows off your curves and feels good to wear. Fashion trends like the maxi dress is a must!

Blogger Maxi Dress

4. Color-blocking.

Last but not least is…color blocking! Color blocking is basically putting different pieces together that don’t go with each other or you wouldn’t normally wear. The bright colors give the outfit a little something extra. I think every blogger should have a color blocking outfit in their closet! If you look at celebs such as Kelly Rowland or Khloe Kardashian, they try to make sure their outfit has a little bit of color in it and isn’t so boring! Color blocking outfits are meant to be bright and funky. I love a good color blocking outfit, and I’m sure every woman does too! Never be afraid of going outside the box!

Color Blocking By Fashion Bloggers
Because… a little color never hurt anybody.

There you have it fashionistas, the top 4 fashion trends this summer straight off the streets from around the world! What is your favorite summer trend? Leave your comment below, I love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo. 


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