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Most Memorable Fashion Trends Throughout History

By Lara Medic

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel a the moment, and where you're going. It doesn't have to be bright, doesn't have to be loud. Just has to be you."
--Pharrell Williams

Most Memorable Fashion Moments Throughout History:

Every decade has something new to bring to the spotlight that makes that decade's style memorable. We are going to time travel back in time and take a look at some of the most memorable women's fashions throughout decades. You will see how fashion has changed over time, what you will notice is that even though fashion changed fairly quickly, people found it easy to keep up with the ever changing style. Every season had a new fashion let's start our journey...

1920s fashion trends
1920s Fashion Trends 

Fashion Trends in the 1920s:
The 1920s was a revolutionary period for women--women won the right to vote and liberalized their look by shedding the corsets and the metal bards beneath their long skirts. Women's ankles were exposed, became socially accepted, and fashion began to embrace a more casual look. Fast-paced jazz became a way of modern life, and women's confident attitudes can even still be seen today in the still-silent movies. For a detailed description of the fashion in the roaring '20s, click here

fashion trends in the 1930s
1930s Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends in the 1930s:

Women's fashion in the 1930s became more conservative than its liberated 1920s counterpart. Instead of the rectangular bias cut dresses that exposed the ankles, women's clothes now exposed the waistline and skirts became longer. Synthetic materials were introduced for manufacturing fabrics while rayon, wool, silk and cotton were commonly used materials to make women's clothes. In the late 1930s nylon was introduced as a replacement for silk.

Fashion Trends in the 1940s

Fashion Trends in the 1940s:

WWII influenced the fashion in the 1940s the mostit set the earth tones as staple colors and straight cut lines became the norm. 

Fashion Trends in the 1950s

Fashion Trends in the 1950s:

Women began wearing dresses that resembled the cuts of a maid's dress, and then there was the famous poodle skirt. The dresses fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines worn under the skirt. Florals became the "it" prints. 

Fashion Trends in the 1960s

Fashion Trends in the 1960s:

Bright colors and funky patterns became the trademarks of hte 1960s fashion. Dresses were loose, with a box like effect, and were well above the knee. And so came the scandalous mini skirts! Another staple 1960s piece—the bell bottoms. Finally, there were the loose fitting shirts, often referred to as "peasant" blouses. 

Fashion Trends in the 1970s

Fashion Trends in the 1970s:

The 1970s was the disco age—when Studio 54 gained its notoriety. Dresses and skirts were usually loose and ruffled. Maxi skirts and long dresses were worn to formal events. Shirts were very loose and had floral prints or metallic colors.  Many people wore one or two colored outfits.

Fashion Trends in the 1980s

Fashion Trends in the 1980s:

In the 1980s, there were many different types of styles: shirts with shoulder pads, fair-isle sweaters, skin tight and acid washed pants. Also, the 1980s were when exercising became popular. Neon spandex was all the hype and sneakers became a "must have" shoe. 

Fashion Trends in the 1990s

Fashion Trends in the 1990s:

Iconic Fashion Moments in the 1990s
Denim and overalls were the cool pieces in the 1990s. A good pair of jeans with a white t-shirt was a must. Mini skirts reemerged after the 1960s. Drum roll for the brand new fashion trend in the 1990s: crop-tops!

Fashion Trends Today

There you have it fashionistas, I hope you enjoyed traveling back through time and looking back at various fashion trends throughout time. Which one was your favorite decade? Until next time, xoxo.

Author: Lara Medic
Twitter & Instagram: @lara_medic

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