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Restoring Your Inner Harmony With Nature

By Elma B.

"Feeling sluggish? The solution may require getting outside the box – that big brick-and-mortar box called a building."
Richard Ryan

Restore Your Inner Peace–Heal With Nature: 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to South Florida where there are a plethora of natural parks, e.g., the Everglades (the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States), the Balboa Park on Biscayne Bay (the lighthouse on the beach is a gem) and the Matheson Hammock Park (the lagoons are divine). I noticed that after spending time outdoors, my spirit reawakens and my breath feels lighter. My sense reawakened and I felt more connected with the environment that surrounds me. 

Why Spend Time in Nature: 

The nature has an incredible power of restoring harmony--I advise taking the time out of your busy week to spend time outdoors and relax your mind. Slow down your inner chatter and absorb the nature's beauty and blissful noises.

Restoring your inner peace with nature
Me enjoying the natural setting of Matheson Hammock Park
(Miami, Florida)

For city dwellers, being surrounded by concrete, like myself in New York City, can be draining. Some of us may not notice the effect immediately but throughout time the concrete and the bustling streets wear us out. Understanding our need to reconnect with nature on a regular basis is food for our soul and nurtures our psychological well-being. I had an incredible experience in South Florida absorbing the natural beauty of national and state parks--the white sand beaches, the glistening Miami limestone, and the warm summer breeze were enough to restore my inner balance. In sync with this post, we shot at the Matheson Hammock Park in Miami and made my clothing very bohemian and earth-like chic. 

Until next time, heal your soul with nature, it's cheaper than therapy :)

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