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The King of Fashion: Karl Lagerfeld

By Brittany Dobbins
Edited by Lara Medic

Who is Karl Lagerfeld? Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld, born in Germany and groomed in Paris (by Pierre Balmain himself), is the king of instant fashion trends and couture around the world. He transformed fashion power houses like Chloe, Fendi and most famously Chanel in 1983. His talent swiftly conquered the fashion industry and with his signature sunglasses and black and white ensemble, he became a genuine fashion icon. 

Karl Lagerfled
(with Victoria Bekcham in the original Chanel store in Paris)

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel:

He reinvented Chanel when most were ready to abandon the brand because of its old school appeal. With Karl as its lead designer, Chanel became synonymous with chic and classy; he brought Coco Chanel back from the dead, and soon after she became a legend, a sort of a sphinx

The young Karl Lagerfeld (with Yves Saint Lauren on the left)

He never failed to surprise us and his sheer genius kept reinventing fashion trends from the 1980s until today. Not only is he a creative genius when it comes to design, he is also a photographer who perfects every pose and movement of his subjects. 

Karl Lagerfeld reinvents Chanel

His gift? Speed sketching (200 sketches in 12 hours) and always reinventing fashion--Karl can either create something that a person has never seen before or is totally out of the ordinary. To top it off, he is always setting fashion trends with the "it" girls of the moment! He has worked with many "it" models and celebrities, e.g., Kanye West, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, Freja Beha Erichsen, Baptiste Gianconi, and Cara Delevingne

Muses of Karl Lagerfeld: Freja Beha Erichsen, Baptiste Gianconi, and Blake Lively 

Karl Lagerfeld and his muse Blake Lively 

I love Karl Lagerfeld’s work; it makes people wonder what inspires him to constantly reinvent fashion and set trends. Karl’s enormous talent in design, fashion and photography eventually grew into a huge phenomenon. In part, Karl Lagerfeld made fashion what it is today. I think some people might not be his biggest fans or simply dislike his collections but no one can deny his unbelievable talent--he has and continues to reinvent fashion trends for well-over half a century! Long live King Karl? Until next time fashionistas, xoxo.

Karl Lagerfeld in his favorite suit combination: black and white 

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