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Top 5 Fashion Essentials for Winter

By Elma B.

Recently, I have been downsizing my closet, and focusing on keeping and buying only basics. I read this rule that said something along the lines: "I will not purchase a piece of clothing unless I can wear it over a 1,000 times." It is a smart approach to shopping because almost all of us can confess to buying so many pieces and wearing them maybe once...or twice. 

My biggest recommendation for downsizing your closet is to buy basics and buy quality items. Figure out your budget, and see what is the best you can get. My tip: try digging for those vintage one of a kind pieces in a consignment shop. Other than that, here are the fashion essentials to keep you warm, cozy and chis this season...

Top 5 Fashion Essentials for Winter: 

1. Faux-fur leopard print coat. Leopard print remains timeless. It is an easy print to wear with red, black, beige and even jeans. 

2. Wedge sneakers. Besides being ultra comfortable, they look chic and effortless. Buy a light brown or a black pair that you can pair-up with almost anything. 

3. A huge cashmere black scarf. I cannot say enough about this scarf, it goes with anything and feels ultra soft. This cashmere item is definitely worth the little investment. 

4. Opaque pair of black stalkings. I am a huge fan of Wolford's because of their impeccable style and quality. These stalkings have lasted me about two years now. 

5. Black clutch. The one that I am wearing is vintage Salvatore Ferragamo. Find one that suits your personality, and you can pair with just about anything. It is timeless, elegant and chic. 

The key to fashion essentials is that you see yourself wearing those pieces over and over again and quickly making them look cool while you are on the go. More on how to get the everyday casual-chic style look here. Below, you will see my look in winter basics; they were quick to combine and did I mention very comfortable and warm? Until next time, stay gorgeous and warm, xoxo from New York! 

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Anonymous said...

It 's always hard to find a great looking leopard print coat!It took me a long time to find mine! Yours is great!


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