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Little Black Dress for Everyday

By Elma B.

I have been doing a series of posts on how to look chic with everyday pieces after several of my friends approached me to ask me how to look chic in their everyday wardrobe. As I have mentioned, fashion is not about those special occasions for which anyone can get dressed-up and dolled-up; it is about the everyday chic. One of the timeless looks, which every woman can wear and feel fabulous in, is the little black dress, pioneered by the iconic Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Thus, I wanted to provide you with a guide on how to wear the little black dress for everyday occasions

LBD for Everyday

1. Add wedged sneakers. Who said that comfort and style are antonyms? With the sporty fashion trend proving stronger than ever, add a pair of wedge sneakers to your LBD to spice-up the look. If you want to make a super-cool statement, add converse sneakers to the little black dress. 


2. Add a leather jacket. A leather jacket will down-dress any piece, including the little black dress. It is an easy piece to add to your wardrobe and keep you cozy during the fall, winter and spring days. 

3. Add a statement accessory. Statement accessories, such as a cool hat and a necklace, will give any outfit edge and bring it to life. Below, I am wearing a fiery vintage penchant necklace. 

4. Add a cool tote. Add an everyday bag that has a chic and sleek design. Usually larger bags are more daytime appropriate and casual rather than small clutches. I decided to go with the classic Louis Vuitton tote. 

5. Keep your locks loose. Let your hair fall naturally; blowdrying and hairsprays are not necessary. Loose locks communicate effortless chic. Styling tip: always make sure that your hair is clean; when in doubt, wash it. If you want to smooth out the frizz, use the organic Moroccan Argan Oil. 

Below, as you see, I have modified the "traditional" notion of the little black dress by adding length to mine. My dress is still fitted yet is long to keep me warm during the fall and winter; it has a slit, so I can comfortably move around. There you have it fashionistas, my styling tips on how to pull off the little black dress for everyday. 

Until next time, xoxo! And leave me a comment, I love hearing from you--how do you wear your little black dress for everyday occasions? 


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