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Simple is Beautiful

By Elma B.

"Being beautiful is not in the way you dress, it's not about the makeup you put on your face. Being beautiful is being simple."-Anonymous

We often expect that beauty lies in life's hallmark moments, e.g., weddings, graduations, award-ceremonies, and gala-balls, but we forget that beauty lies all around us and most importantly within us. It's the simplicity that surrounds us that we forget to enjoy, e.g., the spring flowers blooming, the fresh morning air or the laughter of our loved ones. 

Beauty Surrounds You:

Whenever you feel that you need to wait until such and such happens to be happy and smile, pause, breathe, and take a good look at what surrounds you. Focus your energy on the beauty that surrounds you, e.g., the bouquet of daisies you bought, your favorite view in the city, or that big smile of a loved one. 

Beauty Lies Within You: 

Beauty is not about meeting the expectations of the society, e.g., with having a particular body type, skin tone or facial features. Beauty comes from the love you feel inside for yourself and those close to you. (More on how to develop inner beauty here.) It's the way you glow when you notice the beauty in life's little pleasures, e.g., your freshly brewed morning cappuccino or the sun's rays shining when you wakeup. 

Beauty is not about the makeup or the clothes you wear. It is about being wholesome, and being wholesome starts with seeing beauty in simplicity. 

To match the theme of this post, my outfit and hair style were fairly simple: jean shirt, a knitted white dress, and fringe boots with a small side braid. I hope that this post inspires you to enjoy life's little pleasures and beauty in everyday life. Until next time fashionistas, stay beautiful, xoxo. 

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