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Boho Hats

By Amra B. 

Summer is finally here; however, I am so reserved to make this announcement as the weather in NYC has a tendency to change from one hour to the next. Summer is also the best time to pull out floppy hats: they keep your face wrinkle free and look incredible with almost any summer attire. Here are some suggestions on how to pick out a perfect boho hat for this summer: 

1. More is more: the larger the hat, the better (more glamorous) the effect. As a bonus, large hats will protect your face and your shoulders from sun damage. 

Large vs. Smaller Hats 

2. Neutral colors go the extra mile: they work well with different colors in your wardrobe. My suggestion is to go for brown, black, beige, blue or gray hats. 

Brown, beige, black and red

3. Size matters: make sure you pick out the right size as some hats may be too small to wear properly.  The hat should be comfortable enough to pull down so the wind does not blow it away. 
4. Summer calls for airy materials: straw hats are the most popular choice for summer. Other hats that work well are made of lighter cloth and let our heads “breathe.” 

Straw Hats 

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Outfit: Dress-shirt and hat Zara, sneakers Ash, sunnies vintage Ray Ban, purse Gucci, necklace Topshop  

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