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Kate Moss Top Shop Launch--Reviews

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Therese Mulgrew

The iconic model Kate Moss is back, not on the runway but behind the scenes now as she recently launched her new collection for Top Shop. The debut of the launch was on Oxford Street in London, where crowds of people awaited it’s arrival. After 4 years of her anticipated Top shop collection for high fashion street wear, it is finally here and available in stores for shoppers to purchase. “Happy shopping!” she told the crowd of fashionistas as she officially launched the collection on Oxford Street this past April.

The Young Kate Moss 
Kate Moss recreates some ionic looks. Her collection consists of looks inspired by the 90's and early 2000's. Much of the collection is influenced by her own closet as well as some of her favorite designers. What I love about her collection is she gives the consumer affordable, chic pieces, that were inspired by expensive, high fashion designers. The collection seemed to be made up of boho and cocktail dresses that every woman can wear to a night out on the town. 

Her iconic style is shown clearly in the pieces she chose for the collection and it has had an overwhelming response so far. As I was shopping, I went to Nordstrom and noticed her collection was available for purchase, but most items were sold out. The hype has been big around Kate Moss's collection because the pieces were all inspired by her own looks and, I personally, have always loved her style. 

Fashionistas around the world can now dress like Kate Moss at a reasonable price because most of us can’t afford $3,000 for a Calvin Klein dress, but thanks to this collection women can purchase similar looks for less! 

 Thanks Kate! We love you!

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