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The Positive (and Negative) Effect of Colors on You--Green World

By Elma B. 

Did you know that the color green is a color of balance? This soothing color balances the heart and emotions and thus creates an equilibrium between the two, which in turn leaves you relaxed and at peace. 

Often we do not think about the colors that surround us and their positive (or negative) effect on our psyche. I wanted to devote this post to the color green so that next time you pick out your chic wardrobe or even redecorate your cozy home, think of the benefits of (literally) going green.

Then the question begs, what positive effects does green have on our psyche? Here are the skinny on the color green:

1. Growth. Green is the color of growth, spring, renewal and birth. 
2. Sanctuary. Green is a sanctuary from the concrete jungles and restores us back to the nature, where we came from. 

3. Love. Green gives us the ability to nurture  and love ourselves and others. Green is associated with love of nature. It is the color of the garden lover, the home lover and the good host.

4. Peace. Green is a peaceful color and gives an emotionally calming effect.

5. Stability. This color gives us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity.

6. Prosperity. Green is the color of prosperity and abundance, we often associate it with real estate and property. 

With spring, the color green has inspired me, so I decided to dress up accordingly, pick this emerald-green flowy dress, and go to Central Park to enjoy the nature that spring bestows upon us every year. I hope you enjoyed this post fashionistas, until next time, xoxo.  

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