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How to Create Amazing Cleavage

By Amra B. 

I am a big fan of amazing lingerie and have been buying it since I was a teen. My lingerie choice has not always been about who gets to see it (I find that men often prefer no lingerie at all), but instead I have focused on what makes me (personally) look and feel great. Furthermore, I have been looking for a perfect bra ever since I started wearing one. I am a humble 32 B and it has not always been easy to accept my size. When I was a teen, I used to stuff my bra to make myself look more voluptuous. Other times, I would only wear sheer lingerie because I thought it was much more beautiful. There was also a period where I would walk around braless much of the time because I thought that bras didn't really work with my "bohemian style." Now, I vary between the three options (braless, sheer bras, and padded bras) and choose my bra based on what I am wearing that day.

Whether you are "well endowed" or a little bit more "humble" (like me), here are some suggestions on how to make your cleavage look amazing: 

  • Invest in a perfect bra: I adore Victoria Secret Bomb Shell bras that give you two extra cup sizes! They make me look like I had a boob job (I have even been asked by many people if my boobs are "real?" while wearing this bra LOL). One of the best things I have done (while shopping for a bra) is to have been professionally measured. I was buying a wrong size for YEARS before realizing it. Finding out my real size has made a HUGE difference in how my cleavage looks. If you have larger chest, I recommend a soft cup bras that contour to your body. NOTE* Also, if you want XXL cleavage, add a stick on bra underneath your padded bra (you can see the effect in this video
Adrana Lima wearing a Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra 

From the left: Bra with no padding, push up bra, and Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra

From the left: Bra with no padding, push up bra, and Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra
Doutzen Kroes before and AFTER Bomb Shell Bra

  • Wear highlighting bronzer: I use bronzer on my chest almost daily. I like how it evens the skin color of my face and my body, and I also love how it gives shape and shimmer to my cleavage. I like any bronzer that has extra shimmer for the chest area.  
Kim Kardashian with brozned cleavage
Nicole Scherzinger with bronzed chest 
Chanel Shimmery Bronzer

Estee Lauder Shimmery Bronzer
  • Moisturize your skin: Did you know that women's neck and her chest start showing early signs of aging sooner than other parts of her body because the skin there is more delicate? I moisturize my neck and my cleavage area with an anti wrinkle cream and always make sure to have sunscreen on this part of my body. I see that many of my friends have already developed some sun spots on their chest area and I don't want this to happen to me. 
Boscia Daily Defense Sunscreen

Boscia Restorative Day Cream (SPF 15)
  • Get a stick on cups for backless dresses and shirts: If you want to look well endowed even while wearing a backless shirt/dress, or would like extra support, stick on cups are simply amazing. They hold really well and are quite comfortable. 
Stick on Bra
Stick on Bra
  • Show off your lace: there is something amazingly sexy and feminine about lace. Although, I would not opt for lace while wearing a tight shirt, I recommend lace bras if you are wearing loose clothing that reveal your lingerie. An example would be wearing a boho top with jeans and have just a tad bit of your bra exposed on the sides or in the back. 
Lace Bra

Showing just a glimpse of your lace bra

Showing just a glimpse of your lace bra


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