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My Story: Up-Close and Personal

By Elma B.

"Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living."-Anthony Douglas Williams 

You have seen many of my photos and read numerous of my stories on travel, beauty and fashion tips but in this post I will let you to get close and personal to my life story...

Club Fashionsita Girls
in London's Victoria and Albert Museum 

I am a huge advocate of higher education, for many reasons, including opening your eyes to a whole new world with various perspectives, myriad of cultures and giving you the ability to analyze different opinions. However, what higher education, and especially extensive amount of higher education, does not allow you to do is gain real life experience. Theories are theories that are beautifully summed-up in books but play out very differently in reality. While I still strongly advise everyone who has the opportunity to obtain a four year degree, I advise you to live-- to gain real life experience outside of the university bubble. While my university years are behind me, I am still in the process of learning a lot about life and the wonderful (and not so wonderful) people I brush shoulders with everyday. Until next time...signing-off from London. 

Outfit dissected: boho floppy-hat from H&M; tiger red dress from Custo Barcelona; leather jacket from Zara; cashmere black scarf from Ann Taylor; speedy from Louis Vuitton; black opaque tights from Worlfords; and black tennis shoes from Hogan.

Club Fashionista Girls in Victoria and Albert Museum
Windy in London

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