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Are Celebrities Beautiful or Is It Photoshop?

By Rachel Burt
Edited by Jessica Miller 

Countless of women suffer from body image issues after flipping through pages of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and seeing what on the surface looks like flawless images of models and celebrities. However, many women, including myself, do not understand the extent that photoshop can alter a human body. Photoshop is capable of giving a person an extreme makeover. In another words, ladies, the images on the advertisements in magazines are not real. The reality of what that celebrity or model looks like on an everyday basis could not be further from the truth. 

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream 

Add Icing on the Cake With Personal Trainers, Hair/Makeup Professionals and Plastic Surgery...

In addition to photoshopping images, countless of hours are spent on the model's/celebrity's hair and makeup. Remember ladies, these women are professionals and they are hired to sell products. On the top, many celebrities and models, like Victoria's Secret Angels, have their own personal trainers that advise them on workouts catered to their body types. Lastly, did I mention plastic surgery? Countless of celebrities and models have gone under the knife; some have had multiple plastic surgeries. In sum, most of what is visible to the naked eye on the covers of magazine pages and other billboards is not reality.

Absolutely, there are celebrities and models that are naturally beautiful without photoshop and plastic surgery. Who are they? I guess we will never know...

In Case You Are Wondering: What Exactly is Photo-Shop?

Let me demonstrate by telling you a brief story. My sister is a graphic designer, who uses photoshop to enhance colors to add excitement to the what otherwise would be a pretty but not extraordinary photo. In another words, she picks the photographs that are already beautiful, perhaps understated, and gives them a "wow" effect using photoshop. Although she does not usually edit human images but rather works with landscape photography, the same concept of going from ordinary to extraordinary using photoshop applies to models.  

Below, I have included raw images (before photoshop) and edited images (after photoshop) of some celebrities and models. The images we see are of real people, who are far from flawless. So ladies, you see, while there are naturally breathtaking women, everyone has flaws and perfect can only be found on billboards, commercials and magazines. 

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