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Don't Forget to Smile

By Elma B.

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” -John Lennon 

Often we are subdued by what is missing from our life rather than focusing on our blessings, e.g., our family and friends. For starters, my focus constantly shifts on what I am missing in life rather than counting my blessings everyday. For instance, I was fortunate to have met some great people while living in London: one of them is Alisa--who I am happy to share has joined the Club Fashionista pack. She is our liaison for London now that I am no longer living there. 

Back to keeping a gratitude journal, to make yourself enjoy your life and divert your attention from your problems, make sure to pick-up a book, magazine or talk to whomever makes you smile. I am guilty as charged of failing to laugh and smile often because I am very much caught-up in my own daily grind. Also, another perk to laughter: it is contagious and extremely attractive. 

Below are some photos of this lovely Saturday that I was fortunate enough to share with people whom I care very much about. I have included some quotes to give you positive vibes this week. Until we meet again fashionistas...Signing-off from London...xoxo.

Piccadily Circus  in London 

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