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How to Take Revenge on Your Cheating Ex

By Sarah Baker 

Revenge: Cheating Ex Style

What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you? Besides being really upset and hurt, would you want to take revenge? And if so, just how would you do it? Would it be on a small scale or a much larger one? Something innocent or something a little more vindictive? 

Taylor Swift “Should’ve Said No”

Taking an approach kind of like Taylor Swift is probably the most common and easiest way to get revenge. Write a song, email, Facebook or Twitter post, or sending mass texts to everyone to let them know what a cheating scumbag he is. It’ll make you feel better just to get it out there and take action of any form. 

Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats”

If slamming him with words doesn’t satisfy you or isn’t enough, you could always try to Carrie Underwood approach. It’s quite easy, actually. All you need is a key, a knife, and a baseball bat. She proceeds to key the side of his car, carve her name in his seat, knock out both his headlights with a baseball bat, and slash his tires with a knife. This is a little more aggressive and noticeable than just writing down how you feel. Although it’s more aggressive, some people may need to get it out in a more unconventional way. 

Emily Thorne “Destroy Him”

If neither of the other approaches work for you, maybe you’re really mad and just can’t take it anymore, then taking the Emily Thorne approach may be the way for you. For this one, you simply conspire to destroy everything about his life and turn everyone against him. This makes him suffer for a long time and not just for a brief time. For some people, getting hurt means hurting someone in the way that they feel hurt. 

I have personally been cheated on and trust me, I would love to take revenge. The hard part for me is deciding whether it’s a good or bad idea to do so. I also question how far is too far. Would I be satisfied with something small like emails or tweets or if it would just escalate in to wanting more and it end up going way too far? I also believe in Karma. Karma on my ex for what he did and karma on me if I were to do something to him. Because of this, I believe that it is probably never a good idea to take revenge on a cheating ex. In sum, for me, Karma is the sweetest revenge. Until next time...xoxo.

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