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How to Create a Cozy Coffee and Tea Bar at Home

By Sarah Baker

Spending too much money on that coffee or tea addiction that you just can’t live without? Then, do it at home. No matter how much space you have, you can create your own cozy coffee and tea bar at home. Use it to entertain guests; or for your own enjoyment when you’re in a hurry; or if you’re not in a hurry and just want to take time to enjoy some coffee or tea in the comfort of your own home. Below, I will provide you with  tips on how to create a cozy coffee and tea bar at home...

Size Doesn’t Matter:

Whether you have a little or a lot of space, you can create your own coffee and tea space in the comfort of your own home. In order to make this happen, no matter the space, you need just a few things a coffee brewer like the Keurig, cups, k-cups (they have brands like Starbucks), and lemons, honey, sugar, coffee creamer (anything that you want in your coffee or tea).

1. If You Only Have Counter Space:

If you don’t have a lot of space but still want to create your own coffee space then try doing a counter spinner. You don’t need a lot of space and could honestly just put it away if you need that space to do other things. Put your cups on the bottom, your k-cups of tea in the middle, and whatever you want in your tea on the top of your spinner. 

2. If You Have a Little More Room:

If you have an empty space in your kitchen, trying filling it with a coffee and tea cart. Place your cups on the bottom, the items you want in your coffee and tea on the middle shelf, and your coffee brewer and k-cups on the top. This being on a cart also gives you the option to move it out of the way if you need space for something else.

3. If You Have Plenty of Room: 

If you have so much room in your kitchen that you don’t know what to do with? Then create a coffee and tea counter or bar area. This gives you much more room to be able to spread everything out. You can place the cups on the counter, hang them on hooks, or place them on shelves. You can store your k-cups on the bar in a cute cake stand for display, place them in a basket, or put them in drawers. You can also store your items for you coffee and tea in drawers or on top in cute baskets or containers. Put up a chalkboard behind your bar and create cute sayings to make it feel even cozier. 

Whether you have a lot of space to dedicate to an entire coffee and tea bar area, complete with chalkboard, or you have just enough space for a coffee and tea spinner on your counter, try any of these to create a cozy bar in the comfort of your own will save you time and money and make your home feel warmer in the mornings and evenings. 

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