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Gentlemen's Guide: Where to Pick-Up Women

By Lizbeth Perez

The Truth About Bars Is…

To many men, meeting a woman, regardless of whether they are single or not, is no easy task. In all actuality, to many men, charting a round-trip flight to Venus might be an easier task to accomplish. Even with the push for gender equality and the new re-emergence of the “modern” woman, this task is still remarkably complicated due to the fact that men are still the initiator of the majority of pickups, or at least still like to think that they are…

I know for a fact that I, as a female, am glad of this disparity. I’m sure we can all agree that men are ultimately in the unenviable position of having to face constant rejection.

Advice from Women: Where to Meet Single Ladies... 

So here comes the real question, is there a way to even the odds? Are there any tips or tricks on where a man should focus his attention when it comes to meeting women that may up his chances for a relationship, considering that that is what he is looking for? Well boys, today is your lucky day since I’m here to tell you that there are and for starters they don’t include the obvious choices: bars OR clubs and I’ll start by giving you a few reasons why these aren’t exactly the best of choices.

Beirut Nightclub Dancer, 1966
For starters, bars can be a shot in the dark, because you really have no idea if you will have anything in common with her (other than a predilection for tequila shots), and the harsh truth is she might just be using you for a drink or just want attention. 

Or maybe they don’t want any attention and actually went out with the idea of (gasp) having a good time with their friends. This is something that becomes increasingly evident as the night wears on. For whatever the reason most men tend to wait until the end of the night to start a conversation with a woman at these venues. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s not until this point that the liquid courage has kicked in or maybe it has more to do with the idea that if they don’t make some sort of move on someone they will ultimately be spending the near future alone. Again, this can become a breeding ground for rejection since most women at this point have been chatted-up roughly a minimum of 20 times and are in no mood to hear the ramblings of another man whisper a few drunk, incoherent words in their ears in order to coerce them (ultimately) into sex.  I think I can speak for all women and say that we have all, at one point or another, been there, done that.

Vanity Night Club
I’m sure as a man you are probably scratching your head saying, “But that’s where all the hot women are…” Again, this is not necessarily true since if you actually stop and think about it: the same women you see out at a bar or club are the ones that you see in everyday life; women everywhere, all around you, all the time, and not just in places that ultimately have the vibe of a meat market.  Not to mention that women automatically become more approachable and less suspicious of the men we meet throughout the course of our regular day.

While out shopping our guard is down,
so meet women during the day...
So instead of staring straight ahead like a horse with blinders when you’re out on your daily errands, take a look around; you just might find a woman interesting enough to chat with. You don’t need to be in a place that is ridiculously dark, loud or overpriced to meet a woman and believe it or not all women are not all otherwise inapproachable. Amazing, single women are certainly out there, but we only tend to reveal ourselves to confident men who are open to a relationship, yet at the same time aren’t exhibiting the slightest hint of desperation. Yes, it can be intimidating to talk to a lady you don’t know, but unless she has that “don’t-talk-to-me” face, she’s probably game for a little witty banter. Keep it light and friendly without any expectations, soon enough you just might meet your dream girl standing right in front of your nose. 

Meet Women in a Cafe...

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