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How to Travel Back in Time

By Rachel Burt

That afternoon she sat in a cafe with a pen in her hand and a paper on the table. She was nervous and kept writing incessantly. As she sipped her freshly brewed coffee, she slipped the letter in the envelope and walked to the post office to drop if off. The letter had to be sent that day: the news was urgent. Later that evening, her date picked her up for dinner. He parked the car and knocked on the door to meet her parents. The family greeted him at the door, and he shook the father's hand and was even invited for a cup of tea; he politely declined. 

You must think by now I am talking about a 1960s film...or some old-fashioned novel. Actually, no. I wanted to share with you my escapades in a few small towns in Portugal, where time stands still. It is like jumping into a time-machine and escaping the pollution and the fast paced life of big cities. To get into the spirit, I brought my polaroid is what I saw: 

Hmmm, my favorite part about this trip and this country is the food. Portugal is known for its amazing fresh seafood that is caught by the old fisherman, who spend almost everyday in a boat on the sea. I found that there are about 100 recipes on how to prepare one of their famous fishes: Bacalho (cod).

Another favorite part of the trip: Passing by the old Romanesque and mosque churches....

Third favorite: Searching for the nude beaches and rising wells...

Fourth favorite: Sipping espresso like it is water to keep us moving through Portugal. 

Fifth favorite: Arriving to Lisbon...festival time..

Sixth favorite: Catching turtles and bathing beneath the waterfalls...

Seventh favorite: Seashell hunting.....

Eighth favorite: Portugal's red wine...

The first time I visited Portugal was in 2010; I think the country had a hypnotizing effect since I made it there four more times...Until next time...signing-off from Portugal...

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