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WE ARE in MIAMI: Introducing Actress Darlene Vazquetelles

By Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller ("JM" for Club Fashionista): What motivated you to start your own blog?

Darlene Vazquetelles ("DV"): I have always enjoyed writing poetry and songs but it has been something that I never pursued. Being an actress sometimes gives you a lot of time to pursue other things. About a year and a half ago, I started feeling that itch for writing. I find that writing has helped me in so many situations. I could be very emotional and at the same time opinionated so thanks to my notebooks and pen I have been able to keep myself sane as well as the people around me. After telling a friend about how much I wanted to write, he referred me to Wordpress, and although it took me some time to get it started and figure out how the site works, I am very happy to be sharing my thoughts. I get emotional when I read feedback from people from other countries who I have never met. To be able to inspire someone simply makes my day.

Actress Darlene Vazquetelles
JM: You mentioned that you are an actress and have starred in several films. Can you tell us a little bit about your film career?

DV: I started acting when I was about 15 years old in commercials and local T.V. shows in Puerto Rico, but what I wanted to do in life was to become a Director or at least work behind the scenes. I went to school for Communications with a minor in T.V. Production, and it was not until that last semester that my plans changed. I had an elective course left and the one I wanted was already full so the next one related to my major was acting. That was it! I then moved to Los Angeles. I have worked in about 7 independent films in New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Chicago. One of my latest films called "Pendejo" won an award at the New York City International Film Festival, and now I have three coming up next year. 

Aside from films, I have also worked in soap operas and hosted two T.V. shows. I have always gone back and forth between LA, PR and Miami so it has been a back and forth transfer from Spanish to English. I am on IMDB as DarleneV azquetelles and you can also see some clips of my jobs on my blog

JM: What can we expect to see from you in the near future? Any upcoming films? 

DV: Two of my last films called Motel 666 and Magdalena (I was also the Associate Producer in this last one) will be shown at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City from November 13-17, 2013. Also, I will be flying to Puerto Rico to shoot a mini-series this December. I am very excited as well because my first lead was in "Mi Princesa," a romantic film that has people already talking about it. It will be coming out in 2014. These films will be out on festivals. I will keep you updated on how you can see them. 

JM: You have lived in LA and now Miami. Which city do your prefer? Why? Some say the two are rivals for the world's most beautiful people.

DV: Although I know the quick answer to this one, it will take me some time to explain. There are so many things to consider. I am not too crazy about LA. The traffic is horrible and when you have to drive from audition to audition and only have one hour to do so, this situation really affects your mood and at times, the chance to be seen for a job. But California.... it has to be the most beautiful state. I love it out there because there are so many things to do and great road trips to take. The weather is amazing (yep, best hair weather) and the vibe is very casual. I was never into the whole Hollywood scene. I am more of a beach girl so most of the time I would be at Venice Beach or Santa Monica. 

And talking about beaches, this is when I would miss Miami. The beaches in the LA area are too cold for me. Being back in Miami has been great because I am closer to my family, and I get to go swimming in the ocean at any time. 

So... I would say, I like LA better because of career opportunities, mountains, beautiful views, towns, and the variety of things to do. Although I would definitely move back to the west coast at some time, at this point in my life, I am enjoying being close to my family and the warm ocean waters here in Miami.

JM: You are from Puerto Rico originally, what would you say to those who have never visited?

DV: Pack your bags (do not need a U.S. Passport) and get ready to see the beautiful island right on the Caribbean. If you have the time, stay for a minimum of ten days so you can see more than just San Juan. A lot of people fly to San Juan and then stay there. It is a small island but there is a lot to do. From beaches to mountains, it is very beautiful. The people are very hospitable and mostly everyone speaks English. Also, try to diet a couple of weeks prior to the trip because you are going to be eating a lot of good food!!! You can read my guide on the best places to visit on your 10 day trip to Puerto Rico, which was my first article for Club Fashionista. I am always available to give more advice on traveling to PR at

Actress Darlene Vazquetelles
Actress Darlene Vazquetelles

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