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Style Guide for Men: Which Shoes to Choose?

By Jessica Miller

One of the many factors that can make or break a man's outfit are his shoes.  I am here to dispel any notion that box-like shoes are acceptable: they are completely unfashionable and even worse unattractive! Thus, the question remains how to pick shoes when shopping? Here are some styling tips:

Some Samples of Trendy Men's Shoes
Prada (center), Louboutin (right corner) and Jimmy Choo (right corner) Men's Shoes
1. Be a bit creative and bold: add colored sneakers or shoes to a monotone outfit. 

Orange Sneakers

Colored Shoes for Men
2.  The brand does not matter, it is the style and the quality that will make a great pair of shoes stand out.

3. For dress-up shoes, the fact that they are pointy at the top just a tad bit is alright! 

Prada Shoes: Perfect for the Office or for a Night Out 

4. Remember, you are not limited to sneakers or dress-up shoes. There are short boots, which are great for casual days. 
Casual Boots for Winter/Autumn 
5. If you lack imagination or are completely not in tune with fashion, take a look at David Beckham and the way he pairs his shoes with his outfits. 

David Beckham's Stylish Shoes
David Beckham Wears Colorful Sneakers
Good news is that for men, you have to do very little to be trendy and handsome.  So, what are some examples of shoes you should be wearing on a casual day out or when looking sharp at work or during the evening, see the photos below. 

Casual or office-chic men's shoes

Great for the Office 


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