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How to Look Like a Rock Chic: 7 Staple Pieces

By Elma B.

My style is not very rock; with that said, I am growing accustomed to adding a mix of rock to my preference for a classic-chic style. Here, I am wearing vintage aviator sunglasses, a black dress, a leather jacket and to break the black pattern and add a touch of soft feminine color, I am wearing the pink silk scarf. Also, I have to boast about my pink lipgloss, which is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan (Lip Tar in Sephora). When shopping for makeup or hair products, I would highly recommend that you search for ones that are vegan and are not tested on animals. 

So, how to look like a rock chic? Here are 7 staple pieces:

1. Leather jackets 
2. Ripped denim

3. Vintage T-shirts (especially, music related t-shirts)

4. Cowboy boots 

Isabel Marant Milwauke boots
5. Scarves 

6. Studded belts 

7. Vintage sunglasses 

Keep in mind that there are glam rocker looks and there are rugged rocker looks. I recommend moderation, i.e. not over-doing the look by adding something that deviates from the dark material. 

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