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Fall/Winter 2013 Hairstyles: Top 5 Looks

By Lindsey Miller 

Fall and winter seasons are the perfect time to experiment with different hair trends. I usually like to go darker in the fall and will be more willing to let my hair loose. I also like to use accessories such as headbands, clips, and hats. We already wrote Part I on Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Suggestions. Here are some other suggestions for the fall/winter season:

Prada Fall 2013 Runway: Wet Look
(1) Bangs: With the summer humidty behind us, fall is the perfect season to try out bangs. Short and long bangs, as well as the ones to the side, are all a great way to update your look.

Helena Christensen with Bangs
Side Swept Bangs 

(2) Color: I like to use more deep and vibrant colors for the fall. Darker highlights can change your look without being too dramatic.

(3) Bouffants: Bouffants were all over 2012 Fall runways; even though it is 2013, I still think the 60s look is timeless. I love how elegant they look with a headband!

(4) Wet-Look: Fashion powerhouses like Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Oscar de la Renta have been endorsing the non-chalant I got got out of the shower look. Some hairstylists hair oil and delicately twisted hair strands to achieve this look. Some were parted to the side with gentle waves and others were neatly combed. 

(5) Sleek Back Look: The practicality of this look is that your hair is off the face and the lower part of your hair gently hangs. Create a soft lift at the root using a light-hold hairspray or gel drops. This look was featured on the runways of Kenneth Cole, Gucci and Balmain for their 2013 Fall collections. 

Ombre, Bangs  & the Wet Look

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