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After receiving several emails from our male fans, we decided to poll our gorgeous Club Fashionista girls and answer the eternal question "how to attract women?" After many conversations and exchanges of messages, here are your 15 dos and don'ts:

1. DESPERATE: Do NOT act desperate. Never appear to be desperate! To use an analogy, it is like playing poker, bluff as much as you can and always appear like you have better cards than you actually do. Be confident and calm. 

Be Confident!
2. NICE COLOGNE: DO wear really nice cologne. Women notice when a man smells good (after all, smell is our strongest sense). Women will turn around as you walk by. Tip: there are actual colognes that contain pheromones (e.g. Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier (blue cologne) and Dior Fahrenheit). In fact, it has been scientifically proven to arouse women. 

3. BAD BREATH: Do NOT have bad breath. The most handsome guy, if he has bad breath is out of the picture. Floss; maintain oral hygiene, and always carry refreshing breath mints. 

4. NICE SUIT: DO invest in a really nice suit: Swag is for boys, class is for men. Any man, if he wears a well-fitted suit, nice cologne, a clean and well pressed shirt, has good breath and acts like he is not desperate, he will find a date. 

5. NICE RESTAURANT: DO take a woman to a nice restaurant. Why? You want to ensure that she feels warm and well taken care of because when a woman feels warm and cozy, this increases the chances that she will have sex with you. In another words, great food plus taking care of her increases, statistically speaking, your chances of having sex with you. Put your jacket around a woman; if she is warm, this signals security for her. Also, take the initiative, and be the one who picks out a nice restaurant. 

6. GENTLEMAN: DO be a gentleman in as many ways as possible; do not lie; no one likes a fraud, and our instinct senses insecurity. Hold the door open, and pick the girl up with a car/taxi to make her feel taken care of.  Do not use profanity so the woman feels uncomfortable in your presence. Do not yell over her head. 

7. BE ORIGINAL: DO organize a special date. Show her that you were thoughtful and particularized the date to her personality. Listen to what she likes. 

8.  SURPRISE HER: DO surprise her with something you know she will be pleased. 

9.  STAY POSITIVE: DO create the right mood by taking her to a place with a good vibe and positive radiance. 

10. STAY UNPREDICTABLE: No one wants to be bored. 

11. HOLD YOUR GROUND: While taking an interest in a woman's opinion, do NOT lose your own voice but do NOT sound arrogant. 

12. DO NOT BE CHEAP: A woman does not feel security with a penny pincher. 

13. DO KEEP THE CONVERSATION LIVELY & INTERESTING: For instance, talk about new trips you have taken, movies you have seen or books you have read. Do not talk about sex on the first date because you will look needy. Also, talking about your ex is a big turn off because your date will think you have unfinished business with your ex girlfriend.

14. DO ASK A GIRL OUT SEVERAL TIMES: Women sometimes need time to decide whether they want to spend time with you. Hence, if a woman says no the first time, try again later. If you do not ask her out at least twice, a woman will believe that you do not really care. Hint: do not go overboard and ask her out 30000 times.

15. DO GIVE HER A SINCERE COMPLEMENT: For instance, if you think she looks beautiful in the dress she is wearing, tell her. Again, our instinct senses insecurity, and we will quickly dismiss you as a sleaze. 

Below, you will find all the lovely Club Fashionista girls who participated in make this guide for you gentlemen. We hope you find it beneficial and that it will help you. Please leave your comments below, and let us know if you have any questions at We look forward to hearing from you!

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