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24 Hours In the World of an Elite Model

By Merima Ramadanovic 

What is a typical day like for a model in London? 

I get up every morning around 7AM and have my breakfast. My typical breakfast consists of a whole wheat or whole grain toast and some jam or a multi grain non-sugary cereal (I like Kelloggs).  After my quick breakfast, I do Pilate exercises for about 30 minutes. I sometimes try and squeeze in Zumba as well because I find that it allows me to burn a lot of calories. I shower after my exercise, and my usual routine includes: shampooing hair twice and using a moisturizing mask/conditioner afterwards on my ends. I usually spray only body mist as a fragrance, and I adore the ones that smell like fruit. I apply a serum while my hair is still wet to the end of my strands and dry my hair using a hair drier. Models hair goes through a lot of torture, and I find that serums guard my hair against split ends. 

I leave my apartment between 8-9AM and my firs stop is (usually) the agency. From the agency it is on to the castings, shoots, or fashion shows. In a typical day, I have between 5-7 castings, and these numbers can quickly change as I am often notified by my agent last minute about more castings. When it comes down right to it, it is about just traveling a LOT for models. I spend much of my time in transport from one end of the city to the other, and as London is a pretty big place, that can take an hour or more using  train/metro/bus/car.

When I arrive to the castings, I hand over my book to the client, including my information and portfolio of photos. I am usually booked to see a client at a particular hour so I don't spend a lot of time waiting. Otherwise, there might be a casting where I get to meet other models in which case we get to chat a bit. I must say that my experience with other girls has been quite positive. They are usually really friendly and are eager to share stories about their life in London. 

I squeeze my lunch in between castings. Sometimes, I have time to go home and prepare some food and other times I will just grab a quick bite to eat at a nearby restaurant. I will have to admit that there has been a time when I was so busy that I would just grab some dry cereal and have it for lunch while I am traveling. Usually, however, I try and make my lunch as nutritious as possible. I like to have a salad with protein or a healthy sandwich. My preference is a grilled chicken sandwich with some greens (spinach, kale, or lettuce). I also grab a fruit salad or a piece of fruit for a snack and carry it in my bag. 

Feeding the squirrels in London (they are so friendly)
After work, I unwind by going to a nearby park. London is full of beautiful parks and I try and take advantage of this by visiting as many of them as possible. Being in nature helps me clear my mind, relax, and recharge. I like to feed the ducks, squirrels, or just walk around the small lakes. 

During one of my casting days: I try and take a moment to enjoy London :)

I return home around 8PM and prepare my dinner. I like to keep my dinner light and will eat lots of greens and fruit. I tune in to TV if there is something on that I like. My favorite type of movies are the Bollywood ones. I also like a Turkish series (Asi) that I follow if I am home in Sarajevo.  

On my way home: lot of funny things can happen :)

I like to unwind before falling asleep. I am usually in bed by 10PM and will always have a good book on my nightstand. I am currently reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and I am absolutely hooked. I highly recommend this book and believe it to be really inspiring! 

The book I am currently reading 

I wish you a wonderful day!


***Below are some photos from my latest shoot for Idol Magazine and from my every day life. You may find the whole spread of the Idol Magazine shoot on 

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazine

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazine

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazine

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazine

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazine

Merima Ramadanovic for Idol Magazin

My friend Amra and I

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