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What to Wear to a Party: 5 Going Out Outfits

By Elma B.

Going Out Outfits for Spring/Summer:

While going out here in London, I notice some women carry-over their office attire when going out at night. Ladies, even if you are pressed for time, there is no excuse for looking like you are going to a board meeting when attending a party... 

When you are going out to a party or a dinner on a weekend, wear an outfit that is effortless and says "I am relaxed, ready to share laughs, dance, and have a good time." An Italian man once told me that the best clothes for women are the ones that "leave naked the two junctions between neck and the shoulders...the triangle shaped." Yes, I was left speechless hearing this from a man...he had a point though! 

So What to Wear to a Party? My Top 5 Going Out Outfits... 

1. You can never go wrong with a white dress in the summer...especially complementary for brunettes...

Linen White Dress: V-Neck and Slits on the Shoulders
 2. LBD...masterpiece by Coco Chanel...

Black Boostier Pencil Shaped Dress
 (Accessorize With White Lacey Gloves) 
3. Long dramatic dress with a sexy detail...e.g., peekaboo front, sheer back, etc.
Diva Look: Long Peekaboo Dress
(Worn by Blake Lively) 
 4. Bustier Dress...short or long and pencil shaped...

Silver Bustier Short Dress
(Worn by Bar Rafelli)
5. A very sexy top, e.g., sheer back with sheer sleeves...
Sheer Back: Black Top With Leather Details
(Worn by Jaime King)

Finally, don't forget to bring a smile! Until next time, signing-off from New York City, xoxo. 

Me (left) with my sister at a party in Aspen

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