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How to Find a Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Shape

By Elma B.

How to Find a Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Shape

Problem: Many of us see trending bathing suits, (e.g., this summer, it is the retro high bottoms and fringed tops that are in style), go out and buy some, and after seeing our own photos (especially in the future) say "what was I thinking?!"

Solution: Pick a flattering swimsuit for your body shape! Which is my body shape?

Here are various body shapes and the types of swimsuits that emphasize your attributes and hide your flaws:

I. If you are athletic/rectangle shaped
1. Wear a suit with a bust enhancing detail, e.g., a fringe bikini top or a ruffled trim!
2. Bikinis break up a straight line, and outline the contours around your waist. 

II. If you are pear shaped, i.e. have a bigger bottom...
1.  Do not wear boy shorts because they cut off your thighs in wrong places!
2. Wear higher cut bottoms, string styles elongate your legs and bear your thigh!

3. A tankini lenghthens you. 

4. Wear a deep v-neck that shows off your upper body.

III. If you are apple shaped...
1. Wear a tankini to cover your bulging belly
2. Wear a banded bikini that supports your breasts 
3. Wear a bathingsuit with a side detailing because it slims
4. Wear a retro cut that hides your stomach 

Retro Cut Swimwear 

IV. If you have a short torso...
1. Wear chic details on the top part of your bathing suit

Retro Bikini From the 70s
2. Wear ruffled top to draw attention to your collar bone
3. Wear a high cut bikini to show off your legs

V. If you have a long torso...
1. Wear prints and cut outs

2. Wear stripes because they break up a long line

VI. If you are slender without curves...
1. Wear a ruffled bikini that gives you curves
2. Wear a front that makes you curvier 

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