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How to Look Good On the Beach

By Amra B. 

I carefully plan my beach attire before I head for a vacation. My beach style differs from the pieces I wear every day, and I try to coordinate my outfits well in advance. I spend my summers in some remote areas where I don't have an opportunity to purchase clothing I like. Additionally, if there is some available, they are much more expensive than the same pieces available in the city. Also, planning my beach attire gets me excited about the trip and puts me in the vacation mood well before I actually start my journey. Below are some of my suggestions for a fantastic and easy attire that will make you look like a GODDESS on the beach :)

  • Hats: I am obsessed with summer hats. Besides being an amazing fashion accessory, I wear them primarily to protect my face. Sun is responsible for 80% of our wrinkles, and I am trying to make sure I keep my face wrinkle free for as long as I can. I like large straw hats and baseball caps. I think they look amazing with a bikini, beach shorts, or a beach dress
Me in a Large Straw Hat in Costa Rica

Me in a Baseball Cap in Costa Rica
  • Sunscreen:  I wear SPF 50 sunscreen on my face and an SPF 30 (minimum) every time I go to the beach. My skin has a yellow undertone, and I tend not to burn. However, if you tend to burn easily, I really would advise to buy a higher SPF lotion. I also buy only the waterproof sunscreen made for people who like to do sports: I tend to be active, and I want to make sure that my sunscreen stays put. 

  • Bikinis: I bring bikinis that I can mix and match; this way I never get bored with my look. I will actually buy one monotone top with two-three pairs of printed bottoms. I also believe in buying bikinis that flatters your figure. This summer, one piece and two piece bathing suits are equally popular. 
Mix and Match Bikinis 
  • Scarf: Scarves are amazing for the beach because you can use them in different ways. I like to tie the scarf around my head to keep the hair out of my face. I also like to tie a scarf around my waist if I am leaving the beach to buy some fruit or food nearby. I also like the way the scarf looks when tied around the chest and worn as a tube dress. 
Scarves on the beach 

Scarves on the beach 

Scarves on the beach 
  • Sunglasses: I ADORE very LARGE sunglasses. They cover my face from the sun and look SO VERY chic. I have many colors and styles, but my preferance is for the large black pair that matches almost all my outfits. 
Me in Large Gray Sunnies 
Me in Brown Large Sunnies
  • Sandals: I love basic flip flops for the beach. They are practical, and I don't care if they get wet. There are so many different colors you can choose from, but I my preference is for the plain black ones because they go well with everything. 
Me in Black Basic Flip Flops
  • Mani/Padi: I really suggest getting a manicure and a pedicure before leaving for the beach. I personally can't stand when my hands or feet look poorly groomed. If you don't like colored nail polish, you can always use a clear polish for a tidy and groomed look. I personally go crazy with color on the beach: right now I have my nails painted two different colors with flower details

  • Shaving: When I am on the beach, I shave every evening. This way, my skin can rest during the night and I can wakeup with smooth legs. If your skin is sensitive, I also advise to use some calming lotion in the evening . When you wakeup, all razor burns and other irritation will be gone. ****My tip for killer looking legs: wear shimmery lotion in the evening (or during the day). It looks phenomenal on the tanned skin. If your skin is pale, get the lotion with lighter shimmer. 

My Legs in Hvar, Croatia :)
  • Beach Makeup: My beach makeup consists of the bronzer and lipgloss. I never tan my face, but I put on plenty of bronzer. I also wear a cherry or pink colored lipgloss or a lip pencil.
Me in Costa Rica (Beach Makeup)
  • Shorts/Summer Dress: I am both the shorts and the summer dress girl. I cannot decide which one of these I prefer, but I would say that both can look incredibly amazing on any woman. If you would like to have a more coverup, you can wear an amazing maxi dress. For more modest coverage, you can wear a knee length dress or just a pair of shorts with a tank top. Right now I am obsessed with lace. I have just purchased numerous lace dresses for my beach trip, and I am absolutely in love how they can look elegant and sexy at the same time. When it comes to shorts, I am a huge fan of the washed out/worn our look. The more holes around the front pockets, the better. 

Me in a White Beach Dress
Me in Denim Ripped Shorts
Wishing you amazing holidays! 

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