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Summer Trends

By Elma B.

Summer Trends

Now that summer is just around the corner (it is May 21st), you may be wondering what are the summer trends? Surely, there is a myriad of trends. Some of my favorites? 
1. Nude shoes/wedges; 
2. chunky necklaces;
3. mirror sunglasses; and 
4. timeless classics cotton t-shirts and tank tops. 

Photo Shoot Location

During our trip to Green Park on Sunday, we decided to have a mini shoot. The weather was gorgeous: sunny and warm. Green Park is spacious and there are comfortable lawn chairs where you can take a break from the busy city. 

Our Outfits Dissected

1. Clothes: I wore a vanilla leather jacket, white t-shirt, green silky shorts, and nude booties. 

2. Accessories: I wore large and oval-shaped sunglasses, pearl earrings, and a warm-brown-chunky belt.  

3. Makeup: I combined a peacock eyeshadow and plum lip stainer. 

My sister wore warm-brown bell bottoms, gray tank-top, a jean-vest, and a huge chunky necklace. For her makeup, she wore strong eye make-up and very light lipstick. For details, see our photos below.

What are your favorite summer trends? What summer trends do you dislike? 

Summer Trends: a smile :)
Summer Trends: Bell Bottoms

Summer Trends: Bright Make Up

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