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Healthy Habits

By Elma B.

The eternal question remains: how to lose weight and keep it off? Thereafter, how to become lean and stay lean? 

About two months ago, I made a conscious decision to become lean. Thus, I joined the gym, which I go to every day (except on Sundays), and threw out everything unhealthy in my diet, e.g. chips and white bread. Naturally, I do have a good metabolism; with that said, I am very conscious of what I put in my body and do exercise daily. 

Reading publications by Gwyneth Paltrow and statemetns by Doutzen Kroes, I have come to understand that a lean figure comes from healthy habits. In another words, it is not a diet but rather a lifestyle. Here I are my own healthy habits that I adopted recently in terms of food and exercise....

In accordance with my new mantra, this weekend when out in the town, I had a chopped chicken salad, two thin sticks of bread, and afterwards I opted for a smoothie  (made with celery, and green apple). My sister had another delicious salad with beets, crumbs of feta cheese, and other delicious veggies.  Moreover, when grocery shopping, I began to make a conscious decision not to purchase unhealthy food but rather stick to veggies, almonds, fruits, and juices without added sugars. Finally, a very important factor in my diet is to drink a lot of water, which helps our skin and keeps us younger longer. 

What are your healthy habits? Remember: this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle! 

Healthy Habits: My Groceries
Healthy Habits:
Celery and Green Apple Smoothie,
 and Sugar Free Raspberry Smoothie 
Healthy Habits: Chopped Chicken Salad
Healthy Habits: Beet Root Salad 

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