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Introducing the Next Kate Moss: Merima Ramadanovic

By Elma B.

When I first saw her, I could not help but to think about the striking resemblance between her and the young Kate Moss.  Her eyes are piercing green, her hair is golden brown, and her lips are very pouty. She is 5'9 (175 cm), graceful, and slender. 

Her name is Merima Ramadnovic, she is only 21 years old, and and comes from Bosnia. Currently, she is taking some time off from her studies and working as a model here in London. 

Merima is a professional model, who has worked on various runways in former Yugoslavia (e.g. for the designer Sanja Djeba, Alesandra Lovric, and Brone Rajic.). Also, she has worked for campaigns like Bellissina, Azel France, Bros Jeans and been featured in regional commercials (e.g. for BH Telecom, Vakufska Banka, and Megabon). In addition to being breathtaking beautiful, Merima is intelligent; she is majoring in biology (a sophomore) at the University of Sarajevo. 

Here are some photos of the striking, natural and elegant beauty: Merima Ramadanovic. Some of the photos are completely natural (i.e., no filter and no photoshop), and others are from her photo shoots. What do you all think, the next "it" girl and the next Kate Moss?

Merima Ramadanovic
Natural: no filter & no photoshop

Natural: no filter & no photoshop 
Natural: Without an Ounce of Make Up
Merima Ramadanovic

Amra Beganovic and Merima Ramadanovic 

Merima Ramadanovic

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