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How to Have Sexy Hair: 5 Tips

By Jessica Miller

The main idea for a sexy hairstyle is a lot of volume, i.e. a look that is often associated it with I just woke up and did not brush my messy hair. Make sure that you have height at the crown! Hairstyling tip: use light-hold hairspray BEFORE and AFTER curling your hair with a curling iron or rollers (or blowdrying it).

Now for the women, who have flat or thin hair, do not worry there are countless ways to fix that. For instance, use a bit of light-hold hairspray (I like Bumble and Bumble) and tease out just a little bit the top layers of your hair and add rollers while you do your make-up; alternatively blow dry it using a volumizing spray. 

Here are 5 ideas for a sexy hairdo:

1. Half-up: make sure that your hair texture is rough, i.e. the top part of your head's hair is NOT slicked back. To achieve the rough texture, feel free to tease out a little bit. Afterwards, pin up the front section or the two front sections with bobby pins. Make sure that the back of your hair is puffy.

2. Long and loose: sprtiz the damp roots with a volumizer and then use a thick curling iron to create loose waves. Do not curl your hair close to the roots. As you curl your hair, brush the curls through so you do not create ringlets. You do not want the curls to match. Once finished, use a light-hold hairspray. 

3. Perky-pony tail: Make sure that the back of your head's hair is teased out or that you used light-hold hairspray and rollers. Subsequently, use an elastic band to tie the hair at about midsection at the back of your head. Make sure your hair is wavy or your pony tail flipped out to create volume (use hot rollers or a curling iron to achieve this effect). 

4. Loose side pony tail: Curl the pony tail to make it more interesting and use a fun accessories, e.g. a faux-leather band. 

Miranda Kerr Loose Side Ponytail 

Beehive Loose Side Ponytail

5. Ginormous volume and huge wavies. Use a blow dryer with a volumizing spray. Subsequently, use a curling iron or rollers and finish off with a light holding spray.

Angelina Jolie with Sexy Hair 
Blake Lively with Very Sexy Hair 
Models with Some Major Volume
The Ultimate Bombshell: Raquel Welch 


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i love d style and d color also such a nice hair cut and style really i like wish i done some day one of this style.

Abdomino said...

Girls buy shampoo and all the blalabla but this is mostly fotoshop on pics hahahahah.

Henry said...

And for bold? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I need something for hair but not on my head. LMFAO

Unknown said...

Hair is 80% of beauty, soooo important!!!

Jelena Radovanovic said...

Hair beauty comes from Inside, wharever you do, if you don't eat well your hair won't look good.

the beast said...

Ima li sta protiv buha?

Dolores Dizon said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful article, the last time you published it I litteraly did EVERYTHING you said. My hair is looking better and I agree with Anna's comment, hair is so imprtant.

Jorge Lupo said...

Please where I can have the clubfsionista email adress i have something very important to discussing.


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