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How to Get SEXY Legs

By Amra B. 

Some time ago I did a post about cleavage, but LEGS are equally important feature on a woman. I am not a guy, but I notice incredible pair of legs from a mile away! Personally, I think what makes for a pair of KILLER LEGS is smooth and even skin (no razor bumps) and long, slim (and toned) muscles. DID YOU KNOW: It has scientifically been proven that this is often the most noticeable part of a woman's body? "Research involving more than 200 men and women revealed that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender." [1] 

Sexy Legs in 7 Steps Below!

Me in Costa Rica (Summer 2013)

Problem: My legs look unattractive. How do I make them as SEXY as possible? 

Solution: ANY WOMAN can follow these steps to get the  "OMG" legs: 

1. Shave legs every evening with a 3+ blades razor: I mentioned this in one of the previous posts, but I DO NOT shave my legs in the morning. When we shave, we always take off a little bit of our skins outer layer leaving it sensitive. Often times, legs can look red, irritated, and bumpy after shaving. In order to avoid this problem, I shave them in the evening and give my skin time to rest and CALM down. By the morning, there are no bumps or redness, just really SMOOTH skin. Also, I use 3+ blades razors to shave as they give me a closer shave without many cuts.

My legs in Hvar, Croatia 

Shave your legs using a 3+ blades razors 

Me in Costa Rica (Summer 2013)

2. Apply calming lotion: I apply a calming lotion in the evening right after I shave my legs. I don't like the greasy looking legs during the day, but if I apply a lotion in the evening I wake up to PERFECTLY moisturized legs in the morning. Legs (like the rest of our body) should be moisturized for more plump and youthful (moisturizing also reduces cellulite)! I use NIVEA Essentially Enriched Lotion or Body Milk (it hydrates my skin and I love the smell of it). NOTICE**, I have not mentioned applying ANY cellulite cream. Why? I have YET to find a cellulite cream that delivers results they claim (with the exception of just moisturizing my skin). I have tried at least 25 of the most popular anti cellulite products and have not seen much change (save your money for a fitness class and you will get rid of 99%+ of your cellulite).

Nivea: makes my skin feel so hydrated 

NIVEA: My trusted body lotion since I was a teen 

3. Invest in a leg spray: I read some time ago that an the former Victoria Secret model, Daniela Pestova, uses a leg spray for bikini photo shoots. I have personally tried leg sprays and they are amazing: a little miracle in a can. They make legs looked photo shopped: they cover discoloration, spider vains, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. I don't use them every day, but for a special event they can make my legs look flawless.

4. Use shimmer lotion: shimmer ads sprakle to legs and makes them look sexy. If I am tanned, I use a bronzed shimmer lotion during the day and in the evening. In the winter, I will use a pale shimmer lotion all over my body.

Jennifer Lopez wearing shimmery lotion on her legs 

Shimmery Lotions 

5. Get a pedicure: our feet are a part of our legs. There is nothing more unattractive than when I see women or men with nasty cracked heels and gross toe nails (really, this can make the MOST attractive man or a woman look disgusting). I get a professional pedicure once every 3-4 weeks. They take care of the cracked heels and nasty toe nails.

Understated pedicure color/designs can look so beautiful 

6. Wear HEELS: In a recent article, EVERY man we surveyed said that a woman looks more attractive when wearing heels. I am personally not a HUGE fan of extremely high heels especially during the day but I do think that my legs look better when I am wearing a small or a medium heel. I think that super HIGH heels can look great, but I usually leave them for a Friday or Saturday night.

Sexy legs in high heels 

Legs in high heels 

7. Carry a pair of ballet flats in your purse: if I am wearing heels, I always carry a pair of flats in my bag . When I am in London, NYC, Paris, or other big cities, I tend to walk a LOT. For a meeting, I will wear heels, but will change out of them into flats to walk around the city. Beautiful legs need to rest.

Alessandra Ambrosio wears flats when running errands 

Anja Rubik wearing flats 


1. I. Sample. Why Men and Women Find Longer Legs More Attractive. Retrieved on  Tuesday, October 8th on 2013 

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