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What Bangs Best Fit Your Face Shape?

By Rachel Burt 
Edited by Naima Karp

If you are one of those girls who panics at the thought of chopping all your hair off but still wants a fun change, try out some bangs. Many hesitate to try out bangs, daunted that they will regret their decision soon after. However, they can be a great change when cut properly. Below, I have compiled a list of styles tailored to different face shapes and personalities.  

What face shape do you have?

1. Fringe:

Fringe is a style that keeps showing up year after year, and a decision that can completely transform a hairstyle. The fringe works well on an oval, a square, and round face shape.

2. Blunt Bangs: 

Blunt bangs belong to Katie Holmes, accompanying a short bob. This trend, especially on Katie, have women lining-up outside the salon trying to clip their locks similarly. I was one of them! The pro is that they are absolutely adorable and can be styled with any hair length. They work really well with oval-shaped faces, but be warned: they can be very high maintenance. 

3. Whimsy Side Swept: 

Side-swept bangs offer a softer and more romantic style, and work best with layers, wavy hair or a higher forehead.  These are for the low maintenance girls who do not want to spend time styling since they mainly require a big brush and quick blow dry. To stay out of the way, pin or sweep them back, or part them in the middle. They grow fast and are a more temporary option. Side-swept bangs work well on a heart shaped face, which tends to be top-heavy, because they draw attention down and towards the eyes, e.g., see Reese Witherspoon. 

4. Extra Short Baby Pixie Bangs:

The extra short pixie bangs emulate the vintage pin-up or Audrey Hepburn look. With red lipstick and a pearl collar, this style will transform your look but is a bold one. 

5. Faux side Bangs:

The side bangs are a cop-out, i.e., faking the fringe. All you do is manipulate your hair so that some sweeps across the forehead, imitating bangs! 

If you are feeling adventurous now, add some spunk to your everyday look with bangs. Make sure you have a good stylist you trust before you taking action to change your hairstyle. 

Consult your stylist what type of bangs best compliment your face shape. Styling tip: get the look that best suits your face features because your goal is not just to be on board with the latest style trends but to be the best version of yourself. 

Voila, there you have it fashionista-- trendiest bangs for your face shape. Until next time, signing off from Portugal, xoxo. 


Unknown said...

LOVE THIS! Great dissection of the different styles of fringe. I feel like people get so stuck with two styles of bangs. THANK YOU.

Unknown said...

Kayla, are welcome! Glad we could help! Always keep it fresh & fabulous! Xo.

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