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Club Fashionista Girls: Celebrating Halloween in Chicago

By Elma B.

Halloween--when the witches come out and the zombies rise, yes, it is my favorite time of the year! Most of us have some alter persona, and this is the perfect time of the year where you can live that fantasy. We decided to celebrate in Chicago and had an all girls night out! 

We celebrated at the W Hotel Lakeshore at its 33rd floor. The music was spectacular, and we even ended the night by crashing a wedding party! 

Our costumes? 1920s flapper (me), Mad Hatter, a cop and a peacock. Interestingly, all of our costumes matched our personalities. I will let you guess how....

Until next time...HAPPY HALLOWEEN fashionistas! 

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Maja said...

LOVE these costumes…so fun


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