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Style Guide for Men: Casual Hot Look in 9 Steps

By Elma B.

After receiving queries from many of my male friends on what to wear for a casual stroll around the town, I am dedicating this post to all men whom are in need of some style advice. So, drop the boring polos and oversized and outdated khaki pants, and take a cue from the following 8 style tips:

1. Wear fitted pants: not skinny pants but pants that fit your actual size. So, get measured at the store for your exact proportions. Wearing oversized pants make you look like a bureaucrat from the 1990s!

Casually hot: James Dean

2. Drop the polos! Polos have been over-worn by everyone. There is nothing about a polo that will make you stand out; polo has become a monotone and a boring uniform.

3. Layer: Layering cotton t-shirts with a sweater is sexy.

Simple layers

4. Scarves: Add a scarf to your outfit. It will make a world of a difference.

Hot Scarf
5. Blazer: Blazer will make any outfit pop. Even on a Saturday, wear a blazer over your cotton t-shirts. Styling tip: roll-up your sleeves just a bit for an edgy look. 

V-Neck T-Shirt + a Blazer = Perfect
6. Wear colorful sneakers: To give your outfit an edge, pick out a colorful pair of sneakers that complement the rest of your outfit. A colorful pair of sneakers can make a dull outfit very interesting and trendy, e.g., see the red sneakers below. 

Casually hot--add a splash of color to your outfit
7. Add Sunglasses: A great pair of sunglasses send out two signals: I am confident and cool. Besides, squinting when it is sunny does not make any man (or woman) attractive. I suggest you try on ray-bans or aviators.

Great Sunglasses to Complete Your Look
8. Wear Denim on Denim: Look like a model, be creative and wear denim on denim. It is a hot look that does not warrant to be reserved only for the ultrachic. 

9. Accessorize: Buy a beanie hat, thick bracelets or a satchel bag. Tip do not overdo it. Take a cue from the fashion and sport icon David Beckham, see the photo below:

David Beckham Accessories with Glasses and/or Hats

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