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Winter Fashion Trend: Black on Black

By Fatima N.

Forever Chic: How to Wear Black On Black

Head-to-toe black has always been the New Yorker uniform, come winter, get ready to see it everywhere. This is the color that goes with everything. It´s flattering to wear and makes us look slim. Here's how to stand out in a sea of ebony, because black is officially back in fashion this season…

Club Fashionista girl Amra B. sporting black-on-black(London)

1) Winter Accessories

One way to wear all black is to add accessories, a scarf, a statement necklace, anything! Why don't you try the ubiquitous blanket scarf fashion trend?

2) Statement Coat

If this winter is anything like last winter, you're going to need a warm coat. Make it a statement coat, as seen on Tom Ford's Ready to Wear Fall 2014 runway.

3) Goth Look

Another way to make your all black dressing relevant runway-wise is to go goth. Put a stark dark Victorian spin like the way Erdem, Emperio Armani and Vera Wang did. For more on the evolution of black in fashion, click here.

4) Black and White Look

I recently bought a pair of white Converse with black piping. Although its pretty high maintenance (white gets dirty so easily!) it is SO worth it; its versatile and chic. I love black and white for winter. I'm hoping to translate that into my clothes as well. 

5) Texture

If you'd rather not go with a minimalist vibe, play with texture and different fabrics! Look to Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham and Erdem (Erdem has a whole stash of black on black sartorial inspiration) for example. Faux-fur, sequins, and leather are only few of your choices for this timeless look.

It's easy to see why this timeless fashion look is still IN. "I could write a book about black..." said Christian Dior. Black is the original black. More on outfit ideas on how to wear black on black here. Until next time fashionistas, xo.

Black on black with white shoe detail 

Black on black with lace 

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