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The Top 5 Trends for Fall/Winter Jewelry

By Brittany Dobbins

Whether it is rhinestones or pearls, by Alexander Mcqueen and Balmain, or from Zara and Topshop, women love to accessorize their outfits with the new and latest jewelry trends. Especially during fall and winter, I love a great statement piece such as a necklace or earrings! 

The latest jewelry trends are midi-rings and funky embellished cuffs. Whether you follow fashion trends or not, I think any piece of jewelry needs a bit of glam or glitz to draw people in and say “wow, where did you get that cool accessory from?” 

So, let’s start with the 5 top winter jewelry/accessory trends, shall we?

Statement jewelry by Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2014

Statement headpiece by Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2014

1. The Midi Ring:

This fashion trend has been rocking Hollywood for a while now and has made quite the buzz on red carpets. The trick is to keep it simple and modern with some basic colors such as gold or silver. But if you want more of a bohemian look I would say go with gems and rhinestones. The rings could be any shape, size or color. I really love that bohemian vibe; because I’m obsessed with bohemian style/accessories and I’m sure many of you fashionistas will be too once you try the Midi Ring Trend!

2. Stacked Bracelets:

A lot of young celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner have been spotted wearing this trend or what I like to call… arm candy! It kind of has a very rocker/vintage feel to it, because you can definitely see a chick wearing them to like a rock indie concert or just ordering a couple of beers down at the whiskey tavern in Chinatown.

The stacked bracelets can be worn with any outfit of choice and they do make for a great statement piece! Whether it may be bangles, small wristbands, or stylish cuff bracelets, a girl could never have too many bracelets! The stacked bracelet makes your outfit look even more fashionable than ever! Also try rocking different layers of colors: dark blues, light pinks, yellow, or a combination. For something a little more fun, you can pair a matching set of stacked bracelets with your outfit. You can literally do so many things with these bracelets because they are so versatile, I mean who doesn’t love that? So try it fashionistas!

3. Bold Chokers:

Chokers are a really fun piece because it looks like they are choking you, but surprisingly enough when you put them’s not like that at all! They can be a very daring piece, but does give your outfit a little something extra! I know some of you must be thinking how can a choker be stylish? Well first of all, chokers can be worn in necklace form, not just as a tight piece around your neck. It comes in many different styles and colors such as; silver, gold, black, velvet, beaded, or leather. It’s also a vintage piece. I love wearing chokers because they compliment my style and look so chic!

Christy Turlington in Dolce & Gabbana bold choker 

4. Pearl Necklaces:

Pearls have made their way back into the fashion scene and became a big fashion trend this year. Pearl necklaces are a very sophisticated old-vintage piece which is what I love about this jewelry trend. You can wear them with a classic LBD (little black dress) to get that sophisticated vibe.

Also you can layer up your pearl necklaces like Sarah Jessica Parker did in Sex and the City and pair it with a loose top, black leggings and over-the-knee boots! The pearl necklace is the perfect accessory to go with your outfit and I’m sure every woman has a pearl necklace lying around somewhere in their room! More on how to pair statement jewelry pieces with basic outfits here

There’s nothing like a pearl necklace!

5. Creole Hoop Earrings:

Ever since I laid eyes on these babies from the Balmain fashion show I fell in love with them! Bold, daring and everything in between, the bamboo-style hoops have made their way back onto the catwalk and into the fashion scene. With its funky shape and size, they make the perfect accessory! I think what would be a great tip for all fashionistas would be to pair the hoops with an outfit that will compliment them. Hint Hint…how about the ever-so glamorous Balmain diamond-crusted mini dress? What a combo, huh?

Well, I think every woman needs a little Balmain in their life especially if it involves a fabulous pair of Creole hoop earrings!

The key to an accessory/jewelry is that it is simple but also can be bold. I don’t like accessories that are too over the top because it comes off as tacky and unattractive. 

The most important rule in fashion…is to take risks...Some of those risks might put you on the “worst dressed list,” but that’s what fashion is about. You can’t settle for less. And to be honest…boring will get you nowhere in the fashion world. So spruce it up a bit fashionistas with hot jewelry pieces this winter!

'Till next time ladies...xoxo!

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