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Fashion Trends: How to Rock Knits This Fall/Winter

By Kati Miller

As we all know by now, big sweaters and the all over knit looks are in; but how do we rock this trend without looking like we’re swimming in a sea of unmanageable fabric? Below are some fashion trends we have seen this season in terms of fit, color and style to help you navigate through the endless aisles of comfortable clothing...

Top 5 Styling Tips For Picking Out Knits This Fall/Winter:

A knit dress with over the knee boots  

1. FIT: 

Try to always have a form fitting element to your outfit. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule and some fashion designers this season, most notably The Row, have created some head to toe chunky looks; but overall, the unwritten rule is to give yourself some shape, even if it means showing a little leg or legging! As you can notice in the collages below, all the outfits have some sort of form fitting aspect to them.

2. COLOR: 

We all know a ton of bold color in one outfit is overwhelming so think of your knits as the neutral element to your look (see above); however don’t be afraid to spice it up with color in the rest of your outfit. Can’t live without colored knits? Embrace patterns! Tribal, Aspen and folk fashion design trends are very in this season, so try a modern twist with gold, navy and red hues.

Miroslava Duma pairs a bold striped sweater with a simple knit hat 

3. STYLE: 

This is where you can get creative! There have been multiple lengths and varied silhouettes seen all over the world this fall from ribbed leggings and sweater tanks at Marc Jacobs and Edun, massive bear looking suits from the Row, all over knits at Michael Kors, dressed-up knits by Calvin Klein, hand-spun details on Rodarte’s dresses, and seen nearly everywhere were tremendously long scarves. 

Furthermore, blogs are featuring knits of all kinds, such as whimsical oversize cardigans, sleeveless layering sweaters, and long chunky sweaters. All of these styles work really well with miniskirts or shorts and knee high boots (if it’s freezing, throw on some tights or leggings!). Still unsure of how to don this new fashion? You can’t go wrong with a basic knit cardigan over just about everything! Above are some different ways you can style yourself with this growing fashion trend.

In essence, be daring with your knits; don’t be afraid of sweater overload-there is no such thing this season. Knits are one of the top fall fashion trends in go knit crazy, just remember; show off that awesome waist of yours!

Knit wear

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