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Summer Style: Shirts With Open Backs, How to Keep It Classy

By Nadja Muzur

Shirts with open backs are the "it" summer trend! Numerous designers (high street and luxury) and celebrities have embraced the trend. 

Now, if not worn properly, an open back shirt can be a bit too much. Personally, I always try to stay classy even when I wear something sexy. 

Styling Tip 1--When Wearing Short Bottoms: I find it essential with some open back tops to wear a bandeau bra. As you can see in the photo below, I am wearing a black bandeau from Free People. My outfit could have easily looked a bit much without my black bandeau.


Styling tip 2--When Wearing Long BottomsIf I was wearing pants or a longer skirt, then it would be appropriate without the bandeau.  

Styling tip 3--Wear Flats: To tone down your look when wearing a backless shirt, wear flats, especially if you are not wearing a bandeau. It gives the outfit a more casual feel and less of a promiscuous look. 

Overall, I highly recommend bandeaus; they are more comfortable than bras. When you wear a bra with an open back top, it can sometimes mess-up the outfit; that's why I recommend bandeaus for a classier look.

Outfit dissectedI am wearing a short red skirt from H&M. My heels are from Zara, shades from Forever 21, and the top is from Caribbean queen. 


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