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Lincoln Center Craft Festival in New York City Reviews

By Catherine Santino 

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend New York’s 38th Annual American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. This annual outdoor event features beautiful clothing, jewelry, accessories, and artwork from all over the United States. I was so excited to be able to see what this festival had to offer, especially on such a beautiful day in the city! Here are some of the gorgeous pieces that I saw, and trends that kept making an appearance:

Style inspiration: a long sheer robe 

An item that I loved and saw a lot of were these sheer cover-ups. I thought these were a great versatile piece for summer to throw over shorts and a tank, or to wear to the beach over a bathing suit. They could also be worn in the colder months as well, with jeans or leggings.

Florals and prints are definitely a trend for this season. I thought the printed skirts I spotted were so fun and perfect for summer. I also really liked this greenish dress with subtle black and white polka dot detailing. It’s a very unique item that caught my attention, and I thought it even had a little bit of a retro feel to it.

While it is definitely a fall item, I could not resist marveling over this gorgeous blue and black coat. I love everything about this item- the colors, the belt detail, the cut and shape of it. It was a tad out of my price range, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for something similar come winter! 


Satchel-style handbags were all over the festival. I especially liked these flat, rectangular ones with a flap. They came in all kinds of colors and textures, and they just looked like the perfect size for everyday use.

These smaller satchels with brown detailing seemed a little more appropriate for the Fall season- but it’s never too early to stock up!

I also couldn’t help staring at these bold lime green and orange bags. They just screamed “summer” and I really liked that they had both a short and long strap.


Big hats are back! I was so happy to see these big, colorful, summery hats displayed all over the festival. They are perfect for a day at the beach, or just to add a little playfulness to a summery outfit.

Hats & bags at the Lincoln Craft Festival
Lynn Dell (on the right)

Turquoise is most certainly a trend this summer. There was a lot of gorgeous, colorful jewelry, but turquoise was seen the most. I think it is such a beautiful color for summertime, especially when worn with white or beige.


I also saw some amazing art pieces. These flower paintings really caught my attention- the colors are absolutely stunning.

These beautifully painted vases were also very interesting. I think they would make a unique addition to any home.

Well, there you have it; my day spent at the Lincoln Center Craft Festival. I saw some beautiful pieces and was able to draw a great deal of inspiration for both summer and winter style. If you are ever in the New York City area when this event is going on, I would highly recommend it! It’s incredible to be able to spend the day in such a gorgeous and creatively thriving place as Lincoln Center- and don’t forget to grab some gelato!

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